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I took this photo in Lessive near Rochefort, Belgium...

The above photo has been shot with the Samsung NX10

For more information about my artwork:

Some other "black and white" captures:

Like a Butterfly

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

There was love in his heart everywhere
From inside and out like a butterfly
His distances were there to all of here
From the deep underneath and open sky
Feelings to carry the influence of flowers
Running through the battered seaweed in their prime
Morning of feelings and after night hours
All of the corrosive standings of time

Pure of true gifts and reputation whole
The brimming with joys in offering suns
Greenery fields of the earth in growing role
As every moment in summer now runs
Abyss of silences to give treasures
All is now joy of coloring pleasures
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Well, well... this is an interesting scenery and certainly not one that you see everyday.. (well, at least not one that I see everyday). Actually, it reminds me of the time I used to live on a farm several years ago. The gray scale effect only amplifies that dry working hard on the field kind of feeling. That's what I mainly perceive from this anyway. The swirls add a wonderful eye catching design to this photo and the landscape is uncanny. Another thing I want to mention was that tree in the middle; it gives this image a good sense of focus to boot!
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This piece really left me a tad awestruck. The picture is simplistic, I love how you got the cloud so centered in the middle of the sky! I also love how you captured the rows at a early stage of development thus making them more defined. I also love how there is one tree just kind of sitting at the corner of the field, it seems to say "come on over if you need a rest". Also great choice of making the photo black and white instead of color! I think if it was in color it wouldn't have made such a big impact <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> Now on to the name, I could not have chosen a better name for this picture! it suits it so well and really just completes the whole picture giving it a artsy feel! I really have nothing that I could say that would make this better. This is very beautiful. Congrats on such a great work!!! <img src="…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart"/>
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....Very interesting gallery, High level and similar interest as mines (much more leve that my works, off course)
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The fluid lines of the field are a beautiful accent to this shot :)
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really lovely photos.. especially tender chicken:)
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The photo speaks for itself. It's just outright an amazing shot.
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This is really fabulous.
The more I look at it the more it seems to be telling a story. I think it has something to do with the opposing shapes and lines. As if the field is free and flowing, the tree stands somewhat apprehensive, and the cloud is a singular, unnoticed presence.

Keep telling stories you are awfully good at it :)
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Wow, amazing curves! And the composition is just great.
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I like the way the trail curves with the field. Is it just me or does that tree look like brocolli? I don't know why O_o
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the lines are beautiful!
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very nice composition
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This is beautiful!
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wonderful composition!
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whoever cut that grass is good!!! =)
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You really do some incredible work! Great capture of the field pattern, while having the clouds jump off the page (all in B+W)!
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I like this one a lot. It shows where man and nature meet. I love the curves and their continuation with the road following the pattern.
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Love the lines & flow of it. Well done!
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Nice work. Wonderul scene.
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