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She is My Mona Lisa

By BenHeine
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This is dedicated to Marta, she is my fire, my muse, my daily source of energy, she is a gift.

Each circle is made of a single color and a single tone on a black background.

It took me several days of work...

FYI, the next persons I'm going to portray with this new technique are (in no specific order): Johnny Depp, Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley... So please come back again.

For more information about my works:

Work in progress:

Making of She is My Mona Lisa by BenHeine

More Circlism:

Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp by BenHeine Bob Marley Lives by BenHeine

Lady Gaga by BenHeine Remembering what I am by BenHeine

Marta again:

Pencil Vs Camera - 42 by BenHeine
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It seems you have a very well-rounded relationship

TomorrowsPromises's avatar
Whoa, these are really cool! How did you learn to make them?
Miss-Forest4theTrees's avatar
The way you arrange circles in order to create depth is especially poignant in the shadows of the eyes. It creates a kind of gentle acknowledgment of the emotions to be found there.
GleekMaxRide's avatar
I love how this is featured in Hot Girls! XD
SMerle's avatar
incredible work Ben on this. :clap:
jobalo's avatar
this is inspiring. Would you allow me to imitate your tecnique? I'll show you my progress in one year!
winter-joy's avatar
You are such a sweet person. <: Love your work, very impressive.
pyro-helfier's avatar

That looks incredibley difficult and time consuming but the effect is nothing short of amazing!!
irfanwasiq's avatar
u r really great
joegindhart's avatar
I seriously thought this was a photograph at first. the details in her face are outstanding! great work!
velvetsnape's avatar
Aww, how sweet. Amazing work! Congrats on the amazing fiance :)
hollilolli's avatar
thats so sweet!
danineteen's avatar
This is an interesting art style.
RastaDaniel's avatar
jealous, dude. Well done
lisha147's avatar
omj.... this is absolutely amazing! she is so beautiful!
2dxnoodle4evaDP's avatar
such a beautiful picture, and how sweet
honey-vinegar's avatar
She is beautiful, congratulations ^^
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Miha3lla's avatar
she is beautifull.... i love the hair....
JVarriano's avatar
Aw, she's gorgeous! Congratulations to you both! :heart:
caredee1221's avatar
Fun to see the many decisions play together :D
crh's avatar
TheLightningStrikes's avatar
That's gret, no wait, that's not just great. That's ridiculously well done! :wow:
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