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Pencil Vs Camera - 45



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I believe in parallel worlds! This is a picture I took near Braives in Belgium.

I also made the drawing. I wanted to convey a surrealistic feeling to this compo.

My next Pencil Vs Camera creation will be more poetic...

Thanks for your appreciated feedbacks!

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Some details of the above image HERE

Update: See THIS VIDEO showing some 18 Pencil Vs Camera
images in progress (with a small animation and original music).


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Parallel World

A poem by Katie Gabrielle

Bubbles rise
From down below
Parallel world
It just ain't so!

Ever wonder which path
To take?

Left or right
Give or take?

Like the rise and fall
of the ocean tide
The intersection of you
Is the common denominator
Your heart, your soul
Your choices, Your goals
No choice is wrong
But all complete
Just take a chance
Because life is sweet.
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This is a really good piece. That's what I thought when I saw this.
The black and white of this photo suits the background image of a street in a more 'olden day' setting.

The houses in the distance and the car visible behind the people does reflect onto the drawing, making it really seem as if there was a hole in the ground and the car had broken down because of it.

However, I can't tell whether you are trying to get to the style of realism or cartoon here, as the drawing looks cartoon styled, and the background looks very realistic.

I feel that the position of drawing and where you held it also what ruins the photo, as it doesn't seem to blend into the ground, as the crater would be on one side of the road and the bubbles would be floating out on the top of the dashed line on the road, not in front of. I think that this could be fixed by drawing the line in behind the bubbles.

I also feel that the people looking in the direction the photo was taken, also betrays the feeling that the crater is not in the ground and is drawn onto paper, (although you may have intended on have it this way for onlookers to be 'surprised' at the crate in the ground)

In general, this is certainly a very amusing and original piece, however it could do with a little fixing. Keep up the nice work! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>