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Pencil Vs Camera - 22

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I took this photo at the Gay Pride festival in Brussels a few days ago :D

I also made the rough sketch. It was nice to see so many smiles and happy people.

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Sort of a Limerick

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

There is a town of some smile
And in it all shorts of style,
Beautiful people
With charisma pull,
Making a festival worthwhile.
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10/1000 second
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18 mm
Date Taken
May 15, 2010, 8:53:05 PM
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DBOY0009's avatar
Omg haha that is awesome!! :D
segura2112's avatar
Very cool! If I went though the Pencil V Camera gallery I'd end up putting the whole series in my faves. (which I might end up doing any way)
Thank You
Chaos-Of-Fubuki's avatar
i just love your concept - combining comic-like art and photography.
AlysstheRedNosed's avatar
I really like the concept of all of these photographs you take and the sketches...I think it's really cool and unique
bariyukai's avatar
OrellaTabby's avatar
This is so cool :D Some parts of it even seem to "connect" to the camera picture.
Very nice! A really cool idea to make an album of this type of work. =P
Absolutely love this work! I was feeling quite bummed; then I saw this piece and immediately smiled!
kittykolorz's avatar
oh my goodness so awesome. keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kakashifan-lol's avatar
Excuse me for totally stalking you and your work, it is by far fantastic.
mish-mash-tan's avatar
I love this so much, it's so cute and just happy, and it makes ME feel happy. :)
SnowNightFall's avatar
This is so adorable! :D I love it!
Daggerman2009's avatar
I think this one's one of my favorites!
SillyUnited's avatar
Your drawings are amazing!!
meganXmanga's avatar
Lol this was also in the magazine~ Me and my friend really liked your sketches! xD

My friend wants to do this now~ ;3
artistang-kamote12's avatar
This is what happens when smileys take over the world. :)
Glisean's avatar
Am I the only one really distracted by the blonde guy. He stole this picture completely.
Mayli-Song's avatar
Have you been featured in popular photography? I just thought this was in there somewhere. Anyway, I ADORE your Pencil Vs Camera pictures, they're very creative and imaginative, and very fun to look at.
LoD94's avatar
Ok... what did you write on the other side of the paper? :B
Azifri's avatar
This made me laugh... I see I am not the only one, your pic has something =D
Mighty-Lee's avatar
This makes me happy for some reason.
Drake-Ice's avatar
Pride is a sin, the gay kind is pure evil, fucking flamers.... I like all the other pictures, NOT this one.
Qualibear's avatar
This picture has a lovely and happiness. You obviously don't understand it. If you didn't like the picture, you didn't have to comment at all, (not to mention negatively)and in such a way that upsets people. You have accomplished nothing accept making people dislike you.
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