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Pencil Vs Camera - 13

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This is a photo I took at the "Art Brussels" fair happening every year in April in Belgium.

The picture shows an installation with contemporary sculptures of Adam and Eve and a B&W bookcase wallpaper in the background. I also made the drawing on the piece of paper.

Please, also have a look at my photo report showing the exhibited artworks that have impressed me the most when I visited this 28th edition of the fair.

See the whole "Pencil Vs Camera" album

Update: See THIS VIDEO showing some 18 Pencil Vs Camera images in progress (with a small animation and an original musical composition).

For more information about my artwork:

Random features:


A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Open your eyes to Eve
Adam, you son of man
Love of apple don’t grieve
Her lips to taste you can

You have the tools to come
And bear a fruit of love
In her bosom and blossom
Now fly your winged dove

Happiness comes from this
To give and then awake
The feelings of your bliss
That love only will make
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© 2010 - 2021 BenHeine
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lolnyny's avatar
lolnyny's avatar
I don't know how to remove a comment, but it's my friend that wrote that, he was just kidding me...
miss-raspberry-92's avatar
I really like your art.. pleas do tell where do you get your inspiration..
that's the thing I'm missing in the past few months..

lauren2313's avatar
jajaaa i ur work
lauren2313's avatar
O_______e Holy Shit
karu-suna's avatar
jeje woooow!!! realy i love your work!!!
Aairo's avatar
that would have been awesomer if you colored the books in the background!
DeviousDevil666's avatar
did anyone else notice a little bender toy from Futurama?
133eevee133's avatar
Yes! It's on the paper!
Inferno--DTD's avatar
You take alot of pictures in Belgium...are you from Belgium? I'm from Belgium! :D

~Love your work, keep it up!
GenkoFox's avatar
Very Funny!
Well done once again!
sharmz's avatar
haha that's awesome :D the concept is so clever <33
but isn't the male statue on the right a copy of david my michelangelo? not adam....

except it's flipped :XD:
Squirt23's avatar
chibiCharlie-chan's avatar
these are awesome! great idea! very cool ;)
Yuffie1972's avatar
a person with a great eye :)
gii-chan's avatar
This serie of yours is really genious!!! Great, awesome ideia!
little-black-one's avatar
katima's avatar
This whole concept is interesting!
Takahe-dot-com's avatar
This idea of yours is great.
SHAD0W-SEEKER's avatar
thats crepey how well that worked.... kudos
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