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Mother Africa

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This is a traditional watercolor painting. It intends to show
how important and fertile the African continent is...

For more information about my artwork:

Strong Hands of Mother Africa

By J. Joy “Sistah Joy” Matthews Alford

Strong hands of Mother Africa
Awaken places deep inside me
Where my ancestors dwell
Like distant echoes, your heart-beat
Reverberates off Kilimanjaro’s mountain-tops
Pulses down the Nile
Crosses the Sudan
And flows into my soul

Strong hands of Mother Africa
Call my absent spirit
To return and commune with the elders
Those who sojourned before me
Now light my path and
Await my homecoming

Strong hands of Mother Africa
Reveal to me my history
Teach me the ways of my true homeland;
Unmask the mysteries and tragedies
Of this altered consciousness
Awaken in my mind and body
The un-ripened seeds of truth,
Power, and pride
Solve for me the paradox of my mortality.

Strong hands of Mother Africa
My soul dances to your ancient rhythm
Pulsing, ever pulsing, through the veins of time
Teach me to beat Africa drums
So that I, too, may guide
Another absent spirit to your shores
So that I, too may guide another absent spirit


--> The poem appeared on [link]
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Hey guy! Africa is a CONTENAINT with 54 countries! Also, thank you for the ball pythons, Mother Africa! I love you.Heart Heart for you Free Choc Heart Icon heart balloons heart balloons heart balloons 
junglepythonpearl's avatar
LONG LIVE AFRICA!~ Africa is a place where ball pythons live.
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Africa iz the best kountry in ze whore werld!
Yep, thats why they have all those genocides.
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Corrupt governments who don't give a shit about their citizens is why many sub-Saharan Africans live in squalor.

Another problem are religulous morons from industrialized countries telling Africans to live the "pious" life. Retarded idiot evangelical Christians (particularly from USA) sending proselytizing missions to Africa are a heinous INSULT to Africans. GO BACK TO AMERICA AND KEEP YOUR OWN DAMN RELIGION! They don't care about the welfare of Africans! They just want to show off that they are doing a lot of "charity" in Africa to make themselves look good. They want to show off inflated numbers to tell others they made a lot of "converts". They like to use Africa as a PR tool!

If only an African would just take that missionary's damn religulous brochures and ram it up his ass and kick him out of the country.

Non-sectarian humanitarian assistance for Africa is what is needed. Secular (real) education is what Africans need! Not bible studies! Build schools! Not churches!
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This is a beautiful image. I'm saddened by the display of hostility in the comments below. Africa certainly has its problems, but I don't think its on fire. I don't think 99% live in a "shithole" or "hellhole"  The ignorance and racism displayed by some is staggering. Its a damn shame. 
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fertile (because children are still the only ensurance they have, when they get old and because children help with them with the daily workloads)
and aids ridden...(68,2% of people with aids world wide are africans)

what the continent needs is less religious oblivion, deniale and aggression
and more education, then they would have a real chance to change their continents situation for the better and stand against the corruption thats going on there....

( i am not saying that they cant believe in whatever deity they want, but i have something against people that i see the devil in knowledge and logic)

that be certainly is an important continet...
but sadly at the moment mostly for all the wrong reasons
(low worker payment, has alot of natural resources and no real handling of them, criminal political systems which work in US or european favor or no real system at all, alot of civil unrest which is good for selling weapons ...etc.)

with that in my mind i interpret neither picture nor statement of you in a very positive way....(the poem was still nice)
most women in africa dont have the same rights as men (women are often circumcised) so they also have no say in how many children they want to have... maybe not even a say in marriage and sex with their partner.
then the children they get may or may not get education and even when these children get education they, more often then not, fall into the net of modern slavery.........

soooo your picture gives me more a message like: Africa, the continent were income is low and human rights are even lower.

sry, i am probably the only one who gets no fuzzy feeling over the picture,

it still has a message for me...but probably not the one you intendet to ^^°
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You know, I've seen a lot of things with a message. And to be real this one is pretty clear.

Beautiful work.
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ShikamaraUchiha's avatar
OMG this is beautiful <3
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Africa is a beautiful country that fell to corruption due to the Europeans Colonial age, your a fucking asshole and deserve to die, the smallest bug in Africa is worth more than your pathetic life
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*Africa is not country.
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Africa, a country?
Beautiful painting!
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oh it's you who did this one !!! BEAUTIFUL !! I had seen it somewhere, I cant remember, but not here in DA, and I was enthousiast with it. CHAPEAU , comme toujours !
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featured in my journal [link] :)
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great poem nice work!

de la joven dama del clarososcuro...
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I remember :+fav:ing the earlier version. This is very powerful!
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that's perfectly awesome!
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