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Mont des Arts



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It may sound strange, but this is the place where I used to study my books when I made my degree in Journalism.

I didn't use a fisheye lens, I have actually assembled some 14 photos I took when I was there. The original image is huge and sharp (12000 pixels wide).

The above photo has been shot with the Samsung NX10, provided to me by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

If you're interested, here is an interview I gave to Samsung imaging

For more information about my artwork:

More info:

The "Mont des Arts" (meaning "hill of the arts") is a historic site in the center of Brussels, Belgium. The showcase square was created for the Universal Exposition held in Brussels in 1910. It featured a park and a monumental staircase with cascading fountains descending the gentle slope from Place Royale down to Boulevard de l'Empereur.

The original square was destroyed during the post-war construction frenzy known as Brusselization; between 1954 and 1965, the square and its surroundings gave way to massive, severely geometric postmodern structures such as the Royal Library of Belgium and the Congress Palace.

The Mont des Arts offers one of Brussels’ finest views. From the vantage point on a hill, the famous tower of the Brussels Town Hall at the Grand Place is clearly visible.

Some other photos with "wide perspective":

Love Is All In Its Endless Time

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Love is all in its endless time
Touch of feelings like leaves in fall
Each moment has its prime
Till the next one to you will call

Every boulevard is in its style
At very first - only a lonely go
Not until you have walked its mile
Shall you its heart truly know

So much is in time chasing
It seem to nowhere flowing
And hard for the mind tracing
When there is so much on going

The houses with hearts to fill
Momentarily on in their space
Coming and leaving at their will
Capturing knowledge many ways

Endless thru squares and flourish
To be informed or not to be
Gaining what one shall accomplish
If one can for a moment see

The apples fall to garden’s earth
And give a brain-wave sweet
For futures and new science birth
Tomorrows may sincerely treat
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amazing shoot...!!!