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Money Rules Man

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I drew this with a ballpoint pen on paper and then added digital colors.

For more information about my artwork:

Money Money Money

A poem by Nathan Strange

But which came first?
Money or man?
Yes man!
And now money rules man, doesn’t that tell you something?
Money isn’t natural.
Money is worthless in the eyes of nature yet money rules the world.
Money is the God that man worships.
Money is metal, paper and numbers.
Money is what we spend all our lives working for.
Money is what we spend all our lives spending.
Money is what keeps us going.
Money is what keeps us down.
Money is power and greed.
Capitalism is the new religion and
God has been sold out for the pound.

Money is what makes man thinks he is better than man!


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Looks like Sanders and his true color: Gold.
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:spotlight-left:Hello, your work(-s) were featured here :spotlight-right:
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(Ruach Hakodesh !!!)
Read The Holy Bible
John 14:6
Matthew 6:24-Matthew 6:19-20
Hi, I really like this work of yours for this quote I made... I was wondering if it's okay that I used it in my blog. I credited you with a link and everything, and I hope that's okay. Let me know what you think! Thank you and please continue to do fantastic work. :)


He who can say enough
When he can have more
Is a lot wiser
Than the richest fool.
- William T. Co
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One image,a thousand words.
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it's a richman's world...
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Excellent picture and poetry.
Excesses of money have proven too addictive for many people to give much away.
"Insufficient funds" on an ATM machine 3 days before more money comes in, is causal to depression and angst.
My relationship with money is not love-hate, it's need-hate.
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Sad state and my country us the most guilty of it the USA, britain is second.
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Well, get back
I'm all right Jack
Keep your hands off of my stack :D
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Wow poem,image...
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Ben, great work on this picture. It really spoke to me. I just had to use it in my blog post, "Some Things are Sacred." You can find it here: [link]

Of course gave you credit and linked back to here and your personal art site.

Check it out and let me know what you thinnk.

Keep up the great work!

Michael A. Walker
Defying procrastination
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Ï cant help but love those smilies on the money. A symbol of fake happiness perhaps? or is it that happiness is achieved though money? Because that would be how the world tends to work this day. Everyone seems to have a smile on thier face when receiving a piece of parer saying that they can go get a written number handed out to them in paper at the bank.
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Right now I'd have to say money... is one terrible curse. Especially when people can't seem to stop spending on useless things.
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i sure like this!

thanks for the poem too.

unfortunately i'm not an artist. so: could you do something with my Avatar thingy and "Money spells (enchants) Lies" sig?
(if you like it and have time)

check: [link]
he has a good insight in the money as an invention
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Amazing work, very powerful.

to me, he looks devastated because he spends almost all his life just to earn more money and was not able to experience many things in life.
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Ben, Thanks for using a creative commons. I'm planning to use this image on Sunday, in a Powerpoint illustration, as I speak on Mark 10:17-27. I've already created the slide, giving you credit. This will be very useful!
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It's TRUE!!!!

Sooooo TRUE!!!!!!!!!!
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Great concept!

And great poem!!

This is so well expressed, and sooo true. :+fav:
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I know I'm nowhere near the first or last person who says it but... it truly fits. :)
And I can say that I can truly relate to this piece. Right now my parents so deep in thought almost all the time; less smiles so I give them a hug whenever I feel like they need one. We're having serious financial problems and it burdens them so much. :(
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Fantastic work.
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