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Making of - Julian Assange



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Made with thousands of "@" symbols (the common "At sign" typographic character). It took me a few days of work. I applied each character one by one and used several references for the accuracy of the portrait. Each symbol is made of a single color and tone. (I left the portrait unfinished on purpose, I think it's better this way).

"@" like "@mbitious", "@ctivism" and "~SSange"... Julian is a courageous man fighting for Justice and Democracy despite many criticisms...

Julian Paul Assange is the founder, spokesperson and editor in chief of WikiLeaks (a whistleblower website and conduit for news leaks). He is also an Australian publisher, journalist, software developer and Internet activist.

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Final image & details:

Julian Assange by BenHeine Julian Assange - Details by BenHeine

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Being able to use "at" signs to create a picture of this caliber is amazing enough but to do it in a few days is just as impressive. This piece of art only lacks in a few places in my eyes and that is in the choosing to leave it unfinished to the extent it is.

In my point of view the piece looks like it would have been much better if the upper right of the forehead and the cheek had've been finished.

The background also seems like it was lazily done. It could have been more creative and had've been made to more represent what Julian fights for. The array of blue and peach "at" signs that are put there instead seem to give off a look of disarray.

Overall a very impressive work of art with some minor flaws of aesthetics. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creative art though. The pieces seem to have a deep meaning and I enjoy seeing that.