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Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp



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This is my portrait of Johnny Depp as seen in Tim Burton's movie "Alice in Wonderland".

Each circle is made of a single color and a single tone on a black background.

It took me several days of work to finish this...

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Making of - Mad Hatter by BenHeine

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There Once Was a Mad Hatter

By Peter S. Quinn

There once was a mad hatter
That hard is to describe or define
For he didn't understand matter
Nor why he was four feet nine
He drank all day coffee and tea
And babbled on with his friends
About his world ideas and ABC
How one thinks and comprehends

He thought he had vast knowledge
Of everyone’s ideas for a hat
The forest animals were his college
In every his approach and habitat
At times so peculiar spoken was he
With tongue of gibberish talk
That every vague became clarity
Like that of the clock’s ticktock

His ways were at times rather odd
With too much of nothing to do
And all the animals him applaud
To see each way vaguely through
For knowledge is something to seek
And transport to the other end
Where no one can obviously speak
Or anything at all comprehend
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Oh my gosh! Awesome Mad hatter 🙂