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Love Padlocks - Cologne - 2

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I visited Cologne a few days ago. It's such a great and dynamic city with lovers all around!

Love padlocks are a custom by which sweethearts affix padlocks to a fence or similar public fixture to symbolise their love. Since 2008, love locks have started appearing on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany. The bridge is 409.19 meters long and is full of these locks between the sidewalk and the tracks. Usually, the loving couple throws the key in the river below... Deutsche Bahn, the bridge's operator, threatened to have the locks removed, but relented in the face of public opposition.

The bridge is a huge construction but these locks give it such a romantic dimension... I'll soon post a big panoramic view showing all the city from a high skyscraper...

The above photo has been shot with the Samsung NX10

For more information about my artwork:

Close up on some of these locks:

My 360 degrees panorama of Cologne:

Some of my other images on the love theme:

Padlock Sing a Long Song

A poem by Katie Gabrielle

Love locks me
And I'm blind
So be gentle
Please be kind

Place this lock upon
The fence
Do it quickly
Don't be dense!

Sing a padlock
Lull a bye
Stay you with me
No Goodbye

Lock me tightly
On the nearest fence
Walk away
It makes no sense

Hum the padlock
Lull a bye
Sing it softly
No goodbye

Smile and think
about the many
Who forgot to lock me
And don't get any

Want to wonder why I stay
Instead of throwing me away
I'm made of metal and a key
But I'm a singer!

I am me!
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at first glance, you don't get the true power of the image, at first you think by looking at the thumbnail of the picture, that it's something that some weird artist put together, and said "oh this is art" but then you see the true nature of the picture, and it stuns you, such a heart warming image, your mind shoots to how many couples have walked up to that fence, and affixed a padlock to symbolize their love. it's a powerful image, and it really does make you sit and look at it for a long time. the shot itself is great as well, the length of the image, gives you the full spectrum of the amount of locks that have been placed, as well as what the town is itself, it's not a barren area, people still move around there.
wonderful image. keep them comin.
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Thank you, this is exactly what I wanted to convey: the huge number of couples that have walked there to immortalize their love. Padlocks are just little pieces of metal but they mean so much there! And the photo only shows a small part of the bridge, in reality it goes on and on... (almost 500 meters!)
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wow GREAT SHOT THOUGH :iconlegaspplz:
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I have always thought that the padlocks look ugly and they also add unneeded extra weight to whatever they are on.
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That's why they've started taking them down in Paris, it's causing the bridges too much strain!
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this is truly an amazing shot!
000Colibri000's avatar
So cool! I always really liked this concept. :)
Spigos's avatar
I WISH I can visit that place as well .
Ragdoll-Homicide's avatar
nice one. my boyfriend's and mine is hanging there, too ^^ it is quite difficult to find some free space to put your padlock on, actually.
TLFinch's avatar
I can appreciate that after 34 years with my beloved.
Yerfdog5's avatar
Wow, never seen anything quite like it. Great set of photos.
ThatDamKat's avatar
XxMidyBluexX's avatar
That's so cool! I want to go and see this now!
BirdieG's avatar
This place looks quite awesome !

This shot reminds me of [link]
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Hey, I live near Cologne and when we were passing by that fence on the railway we were asking ourselves what all the locks hanging there meant. And there you go, coming from Belgium and know everything about it. <3
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Hahha super foto!
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This photograph really piqued my curiosity when I first saw it, and once I had read the comment it really clicked with me the deep meaning behind it.

It may not seem like it as first, but this is probably one of the most sweetest and romantic photographs i've ever seen, and especially when I looked at the close-up to see all the messages and items attached to the individual locks, it really gave me a warm feeling inside.

I think it's the angle that this photograph was taken that gives it the biggest impact though, because you can see just how far this spectacle spreads, giving you an idea of just how many lovers and sweethearts have taken part in this; it's very heart warming.

I've always had it in mind to visit Germany, and seeing this has given me a real incentive to do so, because i'd love to see it for myself. Thank you so much for sharing :heart:!
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This work has been featured!- [link]
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So many already? :o When I studied in Cologne and used to cross this bridge by train there weren't this many.
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It's funny... I've been to Cologne quite a few times but never seen these locks! I have come across quite a few great photos of them on DA. Next time I visit I'm going to spend a moment researching where to go to see them myself.
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i've been there!(: so wonderful!
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That's beautiful.
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