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London - Double Landscape



London up and down, the city of any dream and paradox.

If you wish, you can see how it looks "inverted" here.

(Also purchase a bigger jpg version to have it as a wallpaper)


For more information about my works:

Santorini - Double Landscape:

Santorini - Double Landscape by BenHeine

Barcelona - Double Landscape:

Barcelona - Double Landscape by BenHeine

Some other photos of London:

London - Study by BenHeine Telephone by BenHeine

Pencil Vs Camera-BBC Breakfast by BenHeine Pencil Vs Camera - 57 by BenHeine
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Reminds me of the Mirror Dimension from Doctor Strange.
BarbWireRose's avatar
This was one of the first things I faved when I became a deviant two years ago. I don't know why but seeing this pop up again just made me start crying.
CherryChrisyPop's avatar
Have you watched the movie Upside Down? These kind of pictures you've made are exactly like it, they're both so interesting!
Dramawind's avatar
This is brilliant! Reminds me of a movie (don't remember the name) :P
HazakLamp's avatar
inception, maybe?
Dramawind's avatar
No, it was another one where there was one world on top of another, just like in this picture, and if something from one world went to the other, it gets increasingly warmer until it burns. It's a love story, and I don't usually watch these movies, but it was a little more interesting than usual.
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If this has not been in any Doctor Who episode so far it has yet to happen.
MechanicalMichael's avatar
craz cool I looks so neat 
moonlightshines9467's avatar
That is really cool! It's very unique and original! Excellent work!
i think your work is really good and i really think you should get and instagram and if not would you mind if i put up a couple photos and tag your website Facebook and twitter.
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I saw your Before and After video on Facebook, and it amazed me how different they looked beforehand. How do you make them so vibrant and lively? And of course, your edits look so natural!
YouriVDE's avatar
Maybe you could have reflected the upper buildings in the river as well? :)
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LeMatos's avatar
Something interesting here.
MR26Photo's avatar
Your great work featured here: Link :)
TheArtistAsian's avatar
I know, it's so reminiscent of the movie.
ReneHaan's avatar
Beautiful work.
mututu0's avatar
I did not think that London may be so interesting to look like on this photo :) great job!
aprilclash's avatar
I got dizzy for a second :XD: Nice job!
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I have visited the city of fog, Decades ago !
And how it is now, Absolutely beautiful as your artwork.
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