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Jesus loves us! :blahblah: (but I really mean it)

This portrait is only made with "flat circles" on a black background. Every circle has a single color, a single tone and a single size. I placed each circle one by one. It's a time consuming method. One week of intense work for this portrait. Please see some details, the work in progress and other portraits with circles here below. If you wish, you can also view this making of my portrait of Elvis Presley (video) to understand how I'm exploiting this technique with circles... (My "Digital Circlism" series was recently featured in "The Telegraph").

Have a great week! :party:

For more information about my works:

Making & Details:

Work in Progress - Jesus by BenHeine Details - Jesus by BenHeine

Some of my other portraits made with circles:

Lady Gaga by BenHeine Eminem by BenHeine

- Marilyn Monroe - by BenHeine Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp by BenHeine

When I Follow My Heart

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

When I follow my heart
I will follow you
What has driven us apart
Shall become again true
Everything is so fresh
When the moments are new
Dreams there to caress
Carry them there through

What a lovely day to sing
Giving from its magic touch
When you are to me everything
And I love you so much
Every dream shall come true
That we have here inside
And let them come through
With our hope to ways guide

When I follow my beat
That is giving rhythm’s time
I'll walk Sweetness Street
In its blossoming prime
And every love song shall live
To again become love
And from its every beat give
Like the raindrops far above</strong>
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This is very beautiful <3

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Very lovely artwork
                                    Heart black big 
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an aboriginal dot painting?
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Great work of Art!!😎
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When I move it in my mobile phone, his face just moves
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wow. Amazingly well drawn. I can't even describe how wonderfully drawn this is. I can say this though- it's so amazing and so realistic that I can't even draw like that in all of my life. The circles make it look like it was painted on the side of a Greek temple or something like that. If there are haters out there that hate this picture, go kill yourselves, would ya do that for me? Cause, I mean, this is like one of the greatest paintings of him that I have seen in my life.

Love it!!! £`®€
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"If you dislike this picture, kill yourself"

Sounds like something Jesus himself'd say.
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This is a little creepy. 
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