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ICT Overdose

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Watercolor and ink on paper (ICT = Information and Communications Technologies).

For more information about my artwork:

I'm a Martyr of the Keyboard

A poem by Peter S Quinn (*)

I type all day long
Into the request deep
Sometimes it’ll ping-pong
Right into my sleep
I'm a martyr of the keyboard
Going down deep under
To the alphabet lord
God of the ticktick thunder!

I'll type for a request
Just to please and be ready
I'll try to do my best
If my fingers go on steady
This and that comes out
I have no complete control
Automation knows its ways about
Around the ‘key-mole’
And keyhole

I type all day to spark
And give it a steady beat
But sometimes it’ll all lack
Except its little tweet
This maybe a dark poetry read
With not much in deeper meaning
But to somewhere it will lead
In a steady and closer


(*) Peter has been very prolific, - with more than 15 thousand music works /instrumental songs, and over 10 thousand poems and lyrics. You can find nearly 7 thousand music works and more than 5 thousand poems and lyrics by him on the internet. Don't miss his blog : [link]
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© 2008 - 2021 BenHeine
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This Image is Sadly True. Technology is taking over the World.

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I feature this great image here [link] If you have any objections please let me know and I shall remove it.
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This is so meaningful.

Sometimes I feel like this, you know.

Great work as usual, Ben.
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Thanks for the link to Peter. I'll check him out
crazyspoonkiller's avatar
Excellent as usual! :D
Warsie's avatar
I don't get overdosed
Zoomwafflez's avatar
Great! i love it!
echo5001's avatar
you never fail to produce great work. I love this one!
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Look how much easier technology has made our lives. All we have to do is become enslaved to it.
Frana-Kun's avatar
Quite nice. I can relate to this sometimes. ^_^;
Cobra-ss's avatar
Thats good, captures the feeling well
MalinJ's avatar
OMG HAHA! XD Perfekt image of the subject! :D
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Eye-Freeze's avatar
I mean wonderful perspective + know, typing in the dark is not easy =p
Eye-Freeze's avatar
wonderful percpictive + idez :)
amoureuse91's avatar
To be a cliche hipster, You rock my socks Ben. :aww:
purplEPlastic's avatar
haha! I love this Ben! Great.
emmaleedyer's avatar
is this micron or crow quill? either way it's beautiful line work, although i think the piece would be more balanced if the hand were placed in the upper left
thepogee's avatar
you give perfect spot to my eyes
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