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I'm Still a Child



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I've taken this photo very early in the morning in Fontalirant, near Thenon in France...

The above photo has been shot with the Samsung NX10, provided to me by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

For more information about my artwork: info@benheine.com

Some other sepia photos:

I Was Once A Child So Young

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

I was once a child so young
With fantasies in my mind
Like flowers from seeds do sprung
Each memory left behind

Like air that is busting to sky
To float with a cloudy mist
Or a brook in its flowing nearby
That earth has wandered and kissed

I look now and find memories
Of so much that life has given
The inside the heart only sees
And you through times have liven

There is so much far and wide
In songs of my singing that call
With moments for a while to abide
Like leaves in their beautiful of fall

My dreams have been pleasantry thing
With so much a child can do
They infinitely to me now sing
And some of them I interpret to you

A love song to fly in the blue
And wander away in youth’s countryside
To give of a young heart so true
In a merry-go-round childhood’s ride
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Incredible work is just gorgeous! This work is very strong, but at the same time very simple and sensitive!

Each of us had a favorite childhood place, which had a special feeling side. Therefore, as see in this picture, can easily empathize with it and go back to the childhood. Close to the moment I am blown back in time and stand beside the tree. It is an early summer morning, still very cool and humid air. The sun is already behind the increases, although still visible mist that creates a magical atmosphere.

Beautiful composition! Strong and very dark front side, which is emphasizing perspective. Interesting light that shines through the leaves the tree is the rights treat to watch. Also, the background is very beautiful and worked well with the front. Light just like a bind them together!

Very wonderful piece of art, well done and thank you for this wonderful dream!