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Flesh and Acrylic - Making 3

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Here is the step by step evolution of my latest "Flesh and Acrylic" project with Martin.

(Click or download if you wish to enlarge)

The above photos have been shot with the Samsung NX11, provided by Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd.

For more information about my artwork:

Final work:


Previous work:

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My favorite part of this is when he has moved away from the back drop and is sitting all stoic, surrounded by nature. It's really neat to see something so surreal against such a real back ground. It's lovely really. Not to mention the look in his eyes, it's truly beautiful. As for the process, and the concept...I really like it. I think the idea itself is very beautiful. You do it in such a way that it really looks interesting. This is a very creative way of handling a common idea. Seriously, good job. Keep up the good work! <3
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What kind of ink you use in this kind of work?
You are a master, the black belt of art.
pojska's avatar
This is awesome! I bet it took awhile to wash it all away. :D
Is it hard to remove the paint after your finished? I have been wondering that as I went through your gallery.
ashtoledo's avatar
i love the spanshot on the bottom left, i think thats my favourite one :)
very nice it also has this very smooth contrast
CommissarZER0's avatar
dude all these are really good. really great ideas, everything jus looks so cool
lopillas's avatar
So interesting, so funny!!! Great great work
3ang's avatar
Sooooo.. What does it take to volunteer for something like this
Em-S5's avatar
Wow, the black coloring is so intense he looks like a living statue!! I love the concept of these Flesh and Acrylics :)
ModernHippy's avatar
You should post up the photo on the bottom left!!! :D
Spikings's avatar
It's weird, it's like he's come back a different man, like a sign of development over life and how things change you.
JtheQ's avatar
That's funny he came to the shoot wearing a shirt and tie. Then he's like "what? You want me to do what?" and has to strip down and get painted. lol That would be fun being a model for this type of shoot.
Jestress-Ace's avatar
The painting process on the body looks like it tickles a lot :XD:
esayelemay's avatar
this looks like such fun to do :D
GuruX's avatar
thx for showing how you did it :-)
CassyBean's avatar
This model has very intense facial expressions. It gives an entirely different feel to the piece.
Beautifully done, sir!
The-Mango-Tango's avatar
it reminds me of a historical even from one time period to another, lovely photos :)
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