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Flesh and Acrylic - C.Madison3


85% of madness, a fantastic model, 15 liters of acrylic.

Model: Caroline Madison.

Taken with my new Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I love it!
As you can see in the making, I've used different light
sources, that's why the shadows go in different directions.
I need to get more powerful spotlights for my studio...

If you wish, you can view this video interview in which I
explain the philosophy behind "Flesh and Acrylic":

The above picture and other images from the "Flesh and Acrylic"
series have been published in The Telegraph in December 2011.

Prints of the above artwork now available!

Also purchase a bigger jpg version to see how it is made!

For more information about my works:

Work in progress & details:

Flesh and Acrylic - Making 4 by BenHeine

Previous "Flesh and Acrylic" project with Caroline:

Flesh and Acrylic - C.Madison1 by BenHeine Flesh and Acrylic - C.Madison2 by BenHeine Flesh and Acrylic - Making 1 by BenHeine

Other "Flesh and Acrylic" works:

Flesh and Acrylic - Martin by BenHeine Flesh and Acrylic - Yanna by BenHeine

The Lotion of Passion

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

The lotion of passion is here with you
In the purest of white skin and the dark
With the feelings of spring and water true
That in to each your emotions will spark
A flower of love that comes like spring
To sooth every cell of your skin nerve
And on to your feelings always shall sing
To accomplish its youthful and its verve

A dove of the sky and your summer mood
Something for everyone to feel good
And complete the new appearance that hooks
Be to your skin like a nourishing food
And always win through in each a-la-mode
To go with knowledge of nature and looks
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/25 second
Focal Length
45 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 4, 2011, 6:35:14 PM
Sensor Size
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Starting with an all white canvas has made your use of viberante colors transform this into an outstanding eye catcher work of art. Finding a model willing to aid in this project is also no easy task. I would love to see much more of this work, please do not stop here let your talant keep going on. Do you have more of this to share with us? I have a personal preferance for this type of work and would enjoy seeing much more if possiaable. Good luck in your future works of art, from a greatful admirerer of colorful women.
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"Finding a model willing to aid in this project is also no easy task."
This does not remotely seem to be the case. To the contrary, it would appear as if such supposed opportunities of advertisement are of increasing popularity with debatably balanced mindsets of the exhibitionist kind trying to take advantage of their mostly coincidental but privileged appearances.
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Wow, this is so cool! Congratulations for your great work!
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one of my favorite of Mr Ben Heine !
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Very powerful use of posing and dynamics in the paint, it feels almost visceral. Which is interesting considering the vibrancy of the colours you've chosen. In different colours I think it might have quite a macabre feel.
GoodGirl-BadGirl's avatar
That's pretty cool :)
MuttTheCartoonist's avatar
Interesting idea...Combining people and paint and canvas...
I love how her pose and the paint on her body flow into the paint and structure of the background. Beautiful.
T-equio's avatar
the human pattern.

Miss-Mae's avatar
Super duper cool! Those colours are awesome :D
I love this whole series but something about this one really gets me, this is just too beautiful! you have done an amazing job!
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omg, i'm loving ur art!!
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I find it amazing how much work you put into each photograph you don't just take a typical nude portrait, you create and piece of art that you just happen to photograph beautifully. I love it. <3
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What I find interesting is that the scale and depth of the paint blotches set the scale of the entire work - and therefore the model appears not to be life-size, but rather much smaller.
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I never noticed that until you mentioned it
TheMightyQuinn's avatar
I'd love to see it across the Hudson River from me at the Dia Art Foundation ([link])
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Your amazing, what inspires you?
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I don't know what I like most: the splashes on the body or the patterns on the background. Simply great!
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