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A detail of my 3rd "Flesh and Acrylic" work. Model: Martin.

I'll post the full version & making soon. Martin was awesome.

Prints now available!

For more information about my artwork:

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599x900px 424.79 KB
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1/80 second
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26 mm
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Jul 28, 2011, 4:49:04 PM
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I thought this was a really neat piece, and I must say I've never really payed attention to similar work in this aspect. I think your use of color on the skin compared to the bright orange at the bottom gives awesome contrast. I would almost say I'd like to see more of the blue (because blue is my favorite color) but at the same time I think that one spot works. It does draw away from the central focus slightly because to me, once my eyes are drawn to there, the hand becomes the background. I love the yellow in this picture, and the placement was spot on. I think the detail that was captured in the hand was brilliant. I also think this has a strong message to stand on and that helps the image connect with the viewer on a great level.
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w o w t h i s i s a m a z i n g , I r e a l l y l o v e t h i s a r t w o r k
w o w t h i s i s a m a z i n g , I r e a l l y l o v e t h i s a r t w o r k
w o w t h i s i s a m a z i n g , I r e a l l y l o v e t h i s a r t w o r k
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I have a feeling that this feels so relevant to what America is dealing with right now.

This picture encompasses it in so little words but strengthens it with form. The movement of the fist can break any barriers.

I loved that you used the anarchy inspired red at the bottom of the artwork, it gives off a feeling of a resistance rising from the ground. Even then red is the symbol of the revolution right?

Currently America's newest president is making things wrong and we are the one's who are setting up the fight. This is the image of the Resistance.

Still one of the most inspirational works. And another great artwork from you!
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hey buddy, need i call an ambulance?
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That is not a critique, just what the hell.
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The striking contrasts caught my eye. This image instantly spoke to me because it is a visual representation of what I see happening in the soul of my country (USA) right now. Yes, there is struggle...but there is also beauty, brightness, and LIFE!
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Very nice, as always. Great texture, colors and composition!
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Looks so nice!!! i love it! sadly i cant explain how good it is in a entire critique review,   
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I love this! Amazing artwork!
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Well, it could just be sun glasses in the corner of a room and people think it's "modern art"
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Great image...
I woner if they-dA asked You to use this image for the notification about Wix...
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Excellent artwork !
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Truly A Fearsome Piece, And Im Lovin That Color Contrast !!:) (Smile) 

#fightthepower Rage 
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nice n deep meaningFive Nights at Freddys 4 - Nightmare Cupcake - GIF 
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