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Bob Marley Lives


Also purchase a bigger jpg version to see how it is made.

I have always loved Bob Marley. Jah bless!

This is a digital work. I applied each circle individually on a black background.

Prints of this artwork now available!

Important note: This portrait is sold illegally on t-shirts in many shops in Asia
and in South America... If you support my work, do not buy these shirts.

For more information about my works:

Work in progress:

Making of - Bob Marley by BenHeine

3 other works with the same technique:

Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp by BenHeine Lady Gaga by BenHeine Elvis Presley by BenHeine

And my other portraits of Bob:

Bob Marley by BenHeine Rasta Man - Bob Marley by BenHeine
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Beautiful. Has a mosaic feel to it :)
Noeland's avatar
Just fantastic.
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Can I get this on a t-shirt? Please? :-)
Julia-Chehrazade's avatar
It's amazing and original. I would love it as a T-Shirst :p. I'd wear it to the Carnival in London :D
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i am a reggae fan since i saw him live in 79 - i wasn't prepaired for the intensity of his performance and it was a kind of shock for me, haha... i have played in several reggae bands since the early 80s and right now i am in a strictly reggae influenced hippie percussion/all sorts band... :D
thank you for sharing this wonderful picture, incredible work again... :D
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hi there I have a question if i like to print him to t shirt what I suppose to do tell me thx for answer cause i like it good idea good job
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Hey guys I entered this drawing contest and I need your help to win! A simple vote from each of you can help me win! Please support my drawing dreams by clicking on the link and vote for my BOB MARLEY DRAWING. If you have a twitter you can vote twice! Don't forget to tell your friends and family! Thank you guys in advance. [link]
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Hey this is one of my favourite pictures, i got it on a t-shirt at a uk festival last summer and think it's very f**king cool, glad to find the artist finally and see so much other cool artwork at the same time, cheers for sharing, i love your work! :)
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amazing work congratulation
That is trippy
polyfreak's avatar
Rock and roll, my critique? keep doing what your doing.
AnimeArielle's avatar
Ty for letting us put you picture in our group gallery!
mintopinku's avatar
Your work is perfect! NO CRITIQUE NEEDED. You are the perfection mister! You're so good! This is without a doubt my favourite Marley potrait ever.
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Amazing 3D-like effect! *.*
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i was searching for some of bob's pics and saw this once but i had no idea it was u who did it. ur awesome man.
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I love this method that you're using. It looks absolutely fantastic!!
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This is really amazing! Instant favorite! And by the way, it's a bit trippy, if you stare on it for some time :P
addababe's avatar
Bob Marley?!? oh my goodness...this is amazing!
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