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Ben Heine Art and Music - Proximag

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Les mots ne suffisent pas.... un pourtant : superbe
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Palestine want only their right !! taking back their own land
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too deep. I like your work ben.
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I wish they would both explode.
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awesome work! (=
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War is good thing. Jews and Arabs are friends but without the war no one would look at them.
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i think that if they had the opportunity they would tear each others hearts and eat them. i belive there is nothing romantic in this conflict only pure hate and disgust. (fuck yeah! how about THAT as an inspiration??)
Viol3tBaud3laire's avatar
Did you make Israel the female on purpose? :)
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this is such a great great piece.. it's an azmaing concept...
Wow. What a wonderful take on this classic piece. Very nicely done.
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Absolutely gorgeous! This is my favorite work of yours so far!
At the risk of sounding like a total solipsist, it seems to reflect what I've been thinking ...that two people can't be free to love due to the fact that their respective governments are at war...maybe paranoia behind the kiss....
I doubt that the Israeli government truly represents its citizens...
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can i use this in my pretty much sums up the problem over there
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a perfect summation of what happened to the sons of Abraham
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As a citizen of Israel I don't want to start talking politics. but this drawing is amazing and powerfull. good job.
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a very mouving peice^^
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amasingly political
Jorgan's avatar
yeas, strong
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wow, that is an awsome article you have helped me understand more about this situation. i am very interested in what happends over there. nice work dude.
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man, i love your gallery. very... strong. =P
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fantastic gallery! I like the nod to Magritte, you got strong work, great DA site
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You should watch "The Bubble", an Israeli movie. In Hebrew it's "HaBua". You'll love it.
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I really have been surprise and it's what I like, It's so nicely done :clap: :hug: Good colors choice and light also the effect on flags...
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Thanks so much
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