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Barack Obama Portrait - 1 -

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This is a digital painting based on a photo by Pete Souza, who personally met Obama.

It took me more or less 30 hours of work.

For more information about my artwork:

Please, don't miss my other Obama portraits:

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Obama to Try and Keep Hope Alive for Health Bill

An article by Jennifer Loven (for The Associated Press)

Harsh realities are testing President Barack Obama's "yes we can" ethic like never before as he appeals to Congress and the nation to keep alive his hopes for creating affordable health care for all.

Just hours before Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, a leading lawmaker all but abandoned months of effort to bring both parties together in a historic compromise aimed at extending coverage to the nearly 50 million uninsured.

That development quickly followed another dispiriting turn of events for advocates of a radical fix for the health care system. The idea of forming a government-run insurance plan to compete in the marketplace, once at the core of Obama's approach, was close to being written off in Congress, judging by the sentiments of moderate Democrats whose votes are crucial to any reform.

Obama's speech was the opening salvo in an autumn campaign to salvage his top domestic priority. Next up: a rally Saturday in the Midwest.

"We do intend to get something done this year," Obama said on ABC's "Good Morning America."

On Capitol Hill, the top Senate negotiator, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., said he would move ahead with legislation the week of Sept. 21 whether he has Republican backing or not.

Acting without substantial Republican support means a tougher road for Democrats and prospects for a national debate even more divisive than was seen in a summer of contentious, sometimes raw, town hall meetings.

Even as the president continued polishing his speech of about 35 minutes, Republicans pressed their case that Obama's sweeping approach won't wash.

"The status quo is unacceptable," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky acknowledged in prepared remarks. "But if August showed us anything, it's that so are the alternatives that the administration and Democrats in Congress have proposed.

"That means sensible, step-by-step reforms, not more trillion-dollar grand schemes."

Obama will make a case for why he still believes a public insurance plan is the best way to introduce greater competition into the system, a senior administration official said.

Read the full article: [link]
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When I first saw this,I thought wow I've never seen such depth in a airbrushing before. From the shadows to the shading this is a wonderful piece,What mostly caught my attention were the eyes...I feel s much sincerity and leadership just looking into his eyes,I'm still learning myself and this has already inspired me to work harder at airbrushing and it will definitely be a great inspiration to other's that are learning shades,shadows and highlights. I can say the same for the rest of your obama deviations and as advanced as your airbrushing is, I think you need no critique.
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hes a pathetic piece of shit that should die, but If he did the mother fucker would be a martyr for liberal fuckboys.
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Beautiful portrait of Barak Obama, American president.
Sonic-Amy123's avatar
I love it and all but for me his suit looks like rubber he's a great man
Taku-chan13's avatar
Great portrait of a great man :)
WingedAngel777's avatar
I think he is a great man and more than proved it since he's been in office.
VioletSoldier's avatar
dang you painted ths!? How do you do it? And he looks so flawless
Jaylink14's avatar
Wow you did this?! It's great and it look very realistic (or is that the point??)
mburleigh8's avatar
very well done.
LilliamRose's avatar
This is great!! It's incredibly realistic! Instant fav ^^
Ruby125's avatar
VisualPoetress's avatar
Great detail and likeness
BenHeine's avatar
candysamuels's avatar
WOW!!! your are so amazing...great work!
ObliviousAbsence's avatar
Last year in fifth grade, I did a graphite drawing of the same photo, and my art teacher entered it the contest where I won hands down.
Yours is so much better.
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Very awesome piece of art
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Okay, so I don't support Obama at all, but...OMG THAT IS AMAZING WORK RIGHT THERE!! :wow: You amaze me with your talent! And what's really awesome is that this portrait is like ultra uber realistic! Wonderful work! :clap:
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i didnt think anyone could make art this well...
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Hello Ben,
Perfect work :clap:

"PyroDemi" sad "airbrushing"

is it corrent?
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