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All the World's a Stage

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"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players" (Shakespeare).

A picture I took in Venice. I made a little animated gif with each colored mask. If you wish, you can also view some random details here and the colored masks individually here.

(I just came back from a great 3 days trip in Northern and Central Italy. I visited Venice, Rimini, Florence, Bologna, Forli, Faenza and Cesena. Many thanks to my guides and friends HEESUN and PAOLO. I'll share many artistic photos in the coming weeks.)

For more information about my artwork:

More photos from Italy:

More gifs:

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wildirishrose7's avatar
Very cleverly done, and beautiful as well. It grabbed my attention immediately.
LovelyLiar's avatar
FilippasAngelMartina's avatar
Coool!! And creepuy at the sae time~~ xD
ryu-ren's avatar
"If all the world's a stage and all the people players, who in bloody hell hired the director?" -- Charles L Grant
Wow. That's amazing (:
Mladavid's avatar
this is so cool
los-ilusos's avatar
hahaha this is just great
cenacruz's avatar
this is so cool
krigl's avatar
Now that was a great surprise... very fun and nicely done :)
Rio78's avatar
magical! i love it :) [link]
hetorakelt's avatar
outstanding outstanding
ginginelly's avatar
Your so inspirational!Wonderful idea!
annettttt's avatar
!!!!! phantastic!!!!! masks, masks, more masks!!!
junaidbhat's avatar
hard work pays off!
Deshipley's avatar
The musical masks on the left are my extra-favorites! (:
JackieRB2007's avatar
I was sitting here looking going to myself "oh cool one is in color and the rest are in bla... HOLY CRAP IT CHANGED!" LOL Very cool!
VernBrocas's avatar
'So' cool! Love your ideas!
Crown-Queen's avatar
Oh my god, I love how you made this animation effects.
Creative and awesome!
Love it!!!!!
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