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Hello there, everyone!
I just want to talk to you about the perhaps most popular programming tool out there: Unreal Engine 4.
Game Engine Technology by Unreal
As you may, or rather probably, already know, it really is useful for creating homemade games, fangames included.
I am not so sure that I can tell you anything about it that you do not already know, but I think it could be useful to get people to become more aware of great media that despite its greatness is unfortunately for us is very obscure.

For example; Those who enjoy the French animated series of Galactik Football, and have good enough computing skills, could probably create a Soccer-themed Sports-RPG based on the cartoon.
Still, some people might compare it to Level-5's Inazuma Eleven franchise, as well as perhaps the two Mario-themed soccer games that Next Level Games co-developed with Nintendo SPD Group No. 3.
Super Mario Strikers - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Mario Strikers Charged - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Despite that, however, there could still be some people out there who probably would consider it more of a soccer-themed "RWBY meets Mass Effect" kind of thing, although Galactik Football predates both the Animesque Web Animation series RWBY and BioWare's Sci-Fi Action-RPG franchise.
Galactik Football Cup | Galactik Football Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Flux | Galactik Football Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Zaelion Galaxy | Galactik Football Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Then again; This could probably cause people to want to see Team RWBY+JNR appear as a crossover-based guest team, using their Aura as a substitute for Flux.
The same with featuring a soccer team that could be either an All-Asari team using their Biotic as a substitute for Flux OR made up of Shepard's Squad Members, such as Liara T'Soni, Garrus Vakarian, Tali'Zorah, Samara, Grunt, Kasumi Goto and Javik.
Although seeing Shepard's Squad Members play Soccer would like seeing Vergil, Dante or Nero from Devil May Cry play Golf.

I would not mind seeing someone, who has a passionate liking for the games that were developed by the now-defunct company CiNG who/which was known for the Investigation Visual Novels, was to create an Investigation Visual Novel that draws inspiration from games such as Trace Memory/Another Code: Two Memories, Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories, as well as the Kyle Hyde games of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. (I could have suggested the standalone Again: Interactive Crime Novel/Again: FBI Parapsychological Investigator, as well as the spiritual successor game Chase: Cold Case Investigations - Distant Memories, but there are no Non-Commentary Walkthroughs at YouTube based on those games.)
Then again, there is also the Trauma Center spin-off game Trauma Team/Hospital: 6 Doctors, which is a hybrid variety of Visual Novel genre due to combining both of the two main categories; Investigation and Simulation, just like CapCom's Ace Attorney franchise.
If I could design a game myself, I would probably have created a Spiritual Successor to the CiNG games, most specifically Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories, and have given it a Pokemon-theme featuring Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in the role as the Investigator-styled protagonists.

Speaking of Ace Attorney, it is unfortunate that Ace Attorney Online is incompatible with Unreal Engine 4, or else maybe we could see a fanmade game that could combine elements of both the main series AND the Ace Attorney Investigations/Gyakuten Kenji games, such as featuring the Trial/Courtroom segments of the main series with the Investigation segments of AAI/AAI2.

Other obscure, yet well-respected series that could earn some appreciation through fanmade games could/would include Beverly Hills Teens and The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, both of whom are 65 episodes, 1 season long Animesque Western Animation from the 1980s.
There are also other series from that period of time, such Defenders of the Earth, SilverHawks, ThunderCats, Spiral Zone and The Centurions.
There is also the 39 episodes long French animated series from 1997 called The Magician, which could be interesting to use as a theme for an Investigation Visual Novel game.
MAGICIAN - EN - YouTube - YouTube
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Intro / Opening / Theme (1986) - YouTube
Beverly Hills Teens Theme Song & Credits - YouTube
Defenders Of The Earth / Intro + Outro / HD - YouTube

And, of course, there is also the classic Sword-&-Sorcery Fantasy Action-RPG routine, where those who are into Sword Art Online and/or Log Horizon could draw inspiration from those MMORPG-themed light novel series to create a Tolkienesque setting for an environment.
If I had the means to develop such a game, then I would probably have allowed there to be Dwelves and Troblins featured, along with different breeds of Elves, as well as portrayed as having double-affinity regarding magic with one of the two affinities being Spirit Magic.
Wood Elves - Spirit Magic + Ecomancy (Nature Magic)
High Elves - Spirit Magic + Power-of-Divinity (Holy Magic)
Dark Elves - Spirit Magic + Dark Magic (Not necessarily Death Magic aka Necromancy)
Space Elves - Spirit Magic + Psionics (Psychic Powers)

I suppose that those who like the Mario Kart series, along with Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Diddy Kong Racing, Mickey's Racing Adventure, and/or Mickey's Speedway USA could create a 'Combat Racing' game, as well.
Although, I doubt it would be a crossover between Mario Kart and Mickey's Speedway USA.

Considering how many comparison videos there are on YouTube regarding the difference between UE4 and game engines such as Unity 3D/Unity 5 or CryEngine 3, it is actually a surprise that nobody seems to have bothered trying to make a hybrid engine that combines the programming of two or more game engines.
Unity vs Unreal | Graphics Comparison - YouTube
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I guess it is supposed to be a "Conflict of Interest" kind of thing.
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hairyskeletonHobbyist Filmographer
I know this is an old post, but. I was looking at the Unreal Engine website today, it was my first look at Unreal actually. I really wasn't that satisfied with what it could do with indy animation that looks halfway realistic. I guess if you are a 3D animator and you care about how realistic your characters and surrounding scenery look, putting them into a "game" is not the way to go. Yep, I'm all about realism. I've looked at a few artworks in here where people attempted to create an outdoor scene with Unreal and I think it looks pretty terrible, almost cartoonish. Although I'm still looking at Unreal today I can't find too many examples of episodic animated characters put into a CGI environment like I want to do. The search goes on for a proper film venue for that...perhaps Vue as it looks now.
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I see!
Thank you for your honest opinion.
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TGchiefmechStudent Artist
whoa thats a lot of links
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Did you find anything you liked?
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TGchiefmechStudent Artist
i didnt really look
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I meant of the entire page's content
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TGchiefmechStudent Artist
Like I said I didn’t really look
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You should give it a try
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Looks interesting. :D
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Thank you for your opinion!
Any specific part(s) of it that you may like to personally point out your evaluation about?
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I wanna see someone port models of the Rabbids and enemies from Rabbids Go Home from the Wii version and put it on Unreal Engine 4. :)
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Unfortunately for you, I detest media that encourages the use of things such as Toilet Humor.
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I see. Well, the new Rabbids X Mario game came out and it turned out okay. 

But that's just me.

There's gotta be other games to port models too?

How about Banjo series. (The one with the bear and bird)
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B-K and Conker mean nothing to me.
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I see. Well, there are other 3D models in the sea/ I just don't have anything in my thoughts at the moment.
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FashionAnimeDesignerHobbyist Digital Artist
I’ve heard of Unreal Engine 4 but I could never find videos that would show you how to use it clearly. It’s very interesting though that so many people use it for projects like games.
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If you could, what would you have used it for?
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FashionAnimeDesignerHobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest, I wouldn't have a clue now. I have an OC that I made for Ace Attorney and I've seen people coming up with fan-games with their characters in them. High school me would do that but now, not so much.
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Do you still wish you had the 'Spark of Inspiration' with you?
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Thank you for adding this to your Favourites.
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There is at least one The Legend of Zelda fan who is using it to make fan videos.
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