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I saw that i keep getting more watchers on this account, just wanted to say that i've moved to


Please go watch me there vwv
<da:thumb id="737506710"/>

Come join my point raffle!

I'm not active here, Please watch Kole-Aid

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Here's my contest.
Go join it on my Main acc.

I've moved accounts so i'm not going to be active here!!

That's my new account!!
So I decided to hold a Halloween contest because why not
I'm going to hold it over on my Kole-Aid account so please go watch over there.
This will probably be the last time i'm active on this account cause that's my main ^^
So my girlfriend moved in, no more of her parents so hooray for that!

Thank you guys for all the love and support ; v ; 

All I really have to say about this topic, I'll probably be holding some contest for cheers of it.
Just on my other acc. vwv

Anyways, Have a fabulous time guys
All commissions will roughly be done soon, I'm almost done with one 'v'
Sorry for the lack of communication/just generally being alive.
I promise I'll get art i owe done and etc, It's just been rough.

Lots of things have been going on lately that have just sorta consumed my life.
Can't really update you much on my girlfriend's status, just only that tomorrow we're hoping she can move in.
Thanks for all of your support the last week or so. 
I don't know even where to start.
This week is just unraveling into a mess and i just can't.
I need to raise 770 dollars (and or more) So my girlfriend can be freed from her abusive home (If you want, I can tell you in depth what they do. I'm not lying.)
She's 18 but can't take her car until she pays off the payments (Which is $770)
Since her mom is just, I can't even explain it but say A witch, and is forcing her dad to hold her car hostage.
So I'm just trying to raise the extra money so i can bring her home to me and she'll never ever have to deal with them again.

I'll literally draw you whatever you want as long as it's not NSFW or certain things (if you ask, i'll see if i can)
Just as long as you offer over $1 or 100 :points:
If you offer below over that i'll see what i'll take.

I know 770 dollars seems like so much but i'm just.
I don't know what to do.
I really don't want to lose her to them.
I just
this is the only thing i could do quickly.
Here's some examples.
Bambi by BengalheartAmori by Bengalheart
Carter by Bengalheart
Kat by Bengalheart

And if you can't buy anything, Please signal boost it.
If you signal boost it i'll try to draw you something as well cause it's too kind of you ;v;..
So I really need some money for my Girlfriend's birthday and i don't get paid till monday
Seeing that we're celebrating her birthday this saturday i'm sorta in a bunch now
I bought her a shirt that she really wanted and i was ready to dish out 20 dollars or so
till the currency converter/shipping took it up to 37 dollars : )))

Sooo i'm just gonna open up commissions and try to get as much as i can since it's her 18th birthday
and her parents are deadbeats and i really don't expect much from them

I can draw Canines/Felines (If other animals, Ask and i'll see) and humans
I'm up to doing 5 headshots like these
Bambi by Bengalheart
For $3.50 or 300 Points
Human and Animals 

Fullbodies like this
Carter by Bengalheart
Will be like 4.50 or 450 Points

If you buy 2 fullbodies i'll only charge $7 dollars/700 Points ; v ;

I can show you more examples if you'd like! just ask.

Other than that, These may take me a while cause I work like 40ish hours each two weeks and I go to school so like please be patient ;v;!
Well i'm gonna try to see if this changes anything?
I'm just sorta not feeling it on this account anymore.
Note me for new account?

First off, I will not be able to get commissions done within the week or day you order them.
They will take some time.
This could be from a day to months.
And That's just because I go to school and work, so please bare with me if you do.

Second off, I do have the right to refuse and or refund your commission.
If I do, You will get it all back and if I did some part of it, You'll get the rest back.

Other than that, Here's some options

30 :points:
Row by BengalheartKole by Bengalheart

Small drawing
60 :points:
Amori by Bengalheart
With this one, You can do...
Canines,Felines,or rabbits.
Pick out a small background
Give me a line color.

-I may add more later and paypal?-

I'm thinking about opening commissions
What do you guys want?
I'm probably gonna do like maybe points/paypal ones as well

They'd most likely be traditional if they costed less.
more expensive ones would be digital cause i don't have a lot of time and i'd like it to be sorta worth it?
i'm doing art fight things yes.
aka i'm drawing lol

I'm not gonna promise that i'm gonna do these but like
Just throw your oc's at me and i'll choose what i feel like doing and stuff
There may be a wait cause I have work so if you don't like waiting, then don't get one please ;v;
Hey hey hey!
I've been dead for a while, Sorry about that.
I'm gonna try to upload more?
Or just draw in general
but i'm not sure.
It's been sorta peaceful without dA.
(Not really lol)
But I may come back.
Just depends if i feel like it's worth my time.
Anyways, I hope you all have a great day
I'm trying to get rid of these ones
I'll accept Art or points
I'm also willing to haggle.…

There's probably over 21 oc's in the files combined.
Don't lowball me.
Also i'd like to have art pieces done within a month they're requested ;v;
If you can't do that i'll have to decline.
This probably is the end of the road here for me.

For people who own my designs, the T.O.S is over and I don't care anymore.
It'd be nice if you didn't sell them for more unless you bought are but oh well

This account will still be up If I feel like uploading art
I'd suggest watching my acc. if you'd like to keep up with art.
I only really post commission art here which is pretty rare.

so yeah.

If you'd like to keep in contact with me
You can note me for skype,Google hangouts, what have you.

Since I have no motivation to even dare run a contest,
This is the closet I'll get.
I'm sorry.

I'm probably gonna blow all my points since I plan on leaving dA soon (Still thinking about it)

So just literally show me whatever you got

You gotta be able to draw primarily humans (Some are feral but i'm just looking for human art)

just link me.
this is probably going to be my commissions journal for now.

Some extra information Before you commission...

I can reject your order (Probably won't though)
If you're rude to me, I will decline doing your commission. I will not stand for that.
Please do not rush me, I'll try my best to get things done ;v;
You may upload this art else where but please credit me by linking my dA OR Using my username Bengalheart
Please do not edit my art in anyway. If you want to put a watermark on it, Please don't put it on the art itself. Put it to the side or something.
No refunds
I will not Draw NSFW things or your fetishes.

Other than that, I'll try my best ; v ;


Busts and torso up's only
Minimum offer - 1 :points:

Colored Busts

Minimum offer- 10 :points:

Add ons
Small colored background (Like the one on the top right) - 5 :points:

Colored torso ups

Humans only
Minimum offer - 20 :points: 

Fullbody (Colored)

Minimum - 60 :points:


Minmum - 5 :points:


when you just

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 21, 2015, 7:42 PM

Absolutely hate everything.
Because nothing good ever happens.
And you just want to cry all day long.
because everything is stupid.
just screw everything.

I wish I had a job
I wish I could actually earn money 
I'm just
Emotionally done right now.

  • Listening to: My sniffles

I absolutely

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 21, 2015, 11:14 AM

Hate it when my sisters or anyone come to me
Looking for something
and I'm like 
"Did you look here?"
And it's in PLAIN SIGHT.

That's too hard
And You're so lazy you need someone to do it.

God, and people wonder why I can't stand kids.

  • Listening to: My sniffles