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Jurassic Park Movie Poster

By benettokimo
My original movie poster for Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg. Painted first with acrylics and edited with Photoshop. 15" x 20"
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© 2004 - 2021 benettokimo
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Hey, amazing work! Do you have a high resolution picture?

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Them damn mosquitoes started everything!
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Interesting composition!
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Nice, detalied work! i love that the colors represents the first film, and the classic amber with the mosquito.
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Wow! It's very similar to this comic-con (2013) poster: [link]

Maybe someone used your work as inspiration...
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Just saw the poster. Interesting... Very similar.
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Actually that is fake. Dammit...
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That is so cool!
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Awesome. Would be epic if you put Malcom's quote at the top: "Life finds a way"
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Ah, that's a great idea! Thanks for the input.
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that is cool!!!!! so creative
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Man thats really great! Respect mate :D
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This should have been the official movie poster!
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this is perfection in it's simplicity! Bravo!
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and this is all beacause of a stupide guy and some frogs and moskitos!
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not stupid, genius! All they needed was better security.
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Iaaa... Well i still think resusiting the death things, of 300 millions years old, isn't a good idea!
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to me its a genius idea!

and lets keep it that way. :)

you dont like it and i do and thats that. ^^
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Ok everybody can have is one opignion and thats what makes us diferent!
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I love this. This would've made a perfect official poster. :D
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