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The low rumbling noise had already been heard for a couple minutes, growing steadily in volume. It was an otherwise normal afternoon. The fire had been lit, some people were starting to talk about their days and the kids sat on the floor playing with rocks and twigs. Nobody seemed to be able to put it into words, but there was something that felt off to everybody. The horses had been acting weird all day and the air, that was usually filled with chirps of crickets and songs of birds now stood still eerily silent. It took quite a while until someone remarked the increasing winds that had started to play with his hair, and longer even, until a wife told her spouse about the thin dark band of clouds that she claimed to have noticed growing thicker on the horizon line. Another while passed until the children had stopped playing, now shouting over each others heads to make themselves heard over the still growing rumbling noise.

Half an hour had passed and the air stood silent again. The thick wall of dust that had been covering the entire place, was now slowly settling on the scraps of wood, broken stone, ripped fabric and dirt covered bodies that had been sprawled on the ground in a most violent way. A playful wind, dancing through the air seemed to be the only trace left of this most unforgiving form of destruction the little town of Vivendrum had ever seen. No soul was spared to tell the story of the mysterious knight, who in a matter of seconds had obliterated the entire region, leaving behind a trail of chaos and death. And no one was left to describe the knight himself shining as bright as the sun, blinding everyone who dared looking at him, much less his horse that appeared to be as dark as the night and made of thick smoke. No there was no one, who could have escaped in time. The only man who this event could have been reported by was already a few miles away, dashing over hills, woods and rivers without any sign of hesitation, racing with a raging fury, as if the world was about to end.
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Wow this is very cool looking :D

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Thanks for the support! I appreciate it 🙃

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You're welcome! I have a habit of commenting on lots of art when I first find the person lol.

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I noticed haha. Thanks for all the kind words, it's much appreciated ☺️ Glad you enjoy my art!