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twin laser blades

"speedpainting" 50mins :D
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Looks like Raiden decided to go to the Darkside...
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now that's awesome...
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Don't bother dodging his blades 'cause "your already dead."  Ninja Battle! 
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man ur work iz crazy, i would really like to c something more refined
MitchThe1Soul's avatar
Neat, like an armored Sith Lord, an improvement over Darth Vader or something like that. Lol
BlackPheniox's avatar
sweet heaven OMG 
I want that battle suitDrool 
NecroTechno's avatar
Wow. Siths ain't got nothin' on this guy.
BH000's avatar
woooo!!!! so cool, great work BenedickbanaHeadbang! 
Knorry's avatar
Badass as hell +fav  

Red or blue, with black is my favourite colour combos. And in combination with a badass character...

Your damn speedpaintings make me feel so slow CURSE YOU! 
But oh well... you've been at this for far longer than me :D (Big Grin)  I'll get there eventually
benedickbana's avatar
Thanks! and i know you can do it too! it takes patience and dedication.
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That's very nice!! =D 
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