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Kangaroo Repopulation

By bendzz
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Must be pretty shocking to have your pants ripped off and your room melt away... And then you see you have a tail?! But it gets worse. 

It didn't just change her into a kangaroo, it changed the entire world around her while she stood still. Now it's like her human life never existed, she's always been a roo in Australia. Gotta watch what you click...

Alt versions here: 

Released a month ago on patreon. There's a followup with even more unfortunate changes at

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at least your top stayed on

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This is awesome.

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love this so much, think you might create a audio transformation file?

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I love the hell out of this! <3

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She became a Kangaroo
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Her final form is rather cute.

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wonder if she could of been more shock if in the final image a baby Joey popped up out of her kangaroo pouch

still wonder how she got from her computer to Austraillia

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Australian here, brilliant tf, love it.
Honestly for repopulation it would’ve been better as a koala as they’ll be extinct by 2050 roughly.
To put it in perspective there’s roughly 25 million humans in Australia give or take, and there’s also 50 million kangaroos give or take, also they suck when you run one over, cost a lot for repairs.
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What happens if a male apples for this?
Do they become a male kangaroo or is tg involved?
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Fun fact: the nipples of a kangaroo are in their pouch, where the little nuggets crawl in and latch on for a while.

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*now says "c**t" more that usual"

I'm an actual Aussie, so I'd know

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its a very hands on project

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Gotta hate those reality warping job applications.

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I'm okay with this.

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OMG i love this! :D lol

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