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Comprehensive Job Training

Oof, downsized before she even began... At least she gets that pretty uniform for free (made out of the suit she bought). And she gets to work directly under high ranked employees!

Released about a month ago on patreon
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I like it when secretarys have to act like good little maids no matter what their rank is

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Roses are red

You’ll never get a wife

Considering you never talk to a women

In your entire damn life

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Stop trying to make the patriarchy kinky, bendzz.

Wow you really hate women.

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I need to see more of this beautiful bunny

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nice art details with the toes in the stockings

How is her consciousness affected in this if it is?
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real good but with maid dress one would expect to be force to be night time office cleaning service maid not sectuary

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Do you take commisions?

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This is adorable, such detail in the art

I find that I have a strange duality in my reaction to unwilling transformation. On one hand, the defeat/suppression of the person as they are changed is arousing. On the other hand, I very often desparately want them to overcome what has altered them.

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Malicious TFs can certainly be turn offs due to the gloating baddies, yes. I usually try to stick to accidental TFs, or TFs where the baddie is more hidden...

...But there are exceptions.

It's not a turn off for me, actually. Just a strange double-think going on in my head.

i want to work there

Very nice concept, will you be doing a male version of this?

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Well I'd certainly not do one where they Stay male. A TG version could be hot but I had no plans for one.

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I love this so much, also where is this place... definitely dont want this to happen to me... clearly...

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She seems pretty confused in that last panel. Is she still in there?

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Awesome work <3

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She's super cute. Great design :)

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So... uh... what happens if a man watches it?

Anyway, hopping with coffee seems like a really really bad idea. :P

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Probably the same thing =] And I hear watching bunny boobs bounce is about as energizing.

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But watching the bunny in agony after spilling hot coffee all over herself would be pretty bad...

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