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Christina Mackenzie Horse TF part 01 by soniagreene
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The Perfect Bunny Body (Anthro TF/TG, MC)
(Man to Anthro Bunny Woman)
Written for SSM July 2018 Prompt
I had a curse. Or was it a gift? Both?
Regardless, I used it to my advantage. The sorceress whose feathers I'd rustled would've assuredly meant to give me a curse, but I didn't think that the ability to shapeshift fell under that umbrella. She made sure to include a caveat — something about the "magic" transferring to onlookers — and told me that its effects were somehow permanent. It seemed like such an easy rule to follow that I was rather liberal with how often I used the power.
The magic basically played off of body image. Seeing as how I perceived an ideal body as one that was muscular, handsome, and well-hung, the curse turned me into the perfect ladies magnet and had given me many sex-filled nights in the two weeks since first using it. Again, it wasn't quite the 'curse' that the lady had purported it as.
Instigating the transformation involved me simply staring in a mirror for 10 se
:iconelykzyr:Elykzyr 43 0
BotW Link Rito Tg/Tf Sequence by undeadpenguin37 BotW Link Rito Tg/Tf Sequence :iconundeadpenguin37:undeadpenguin37 225 2
Strange World- Relaxed Roommate
[Woman to Beanbag Chair]
Sarah exited her room, the bag in her hand crinkling as she crossed the living room. She made her way toward the kitchen, cheerfully humming a tune. The floor beneath her socks transitioned from carpet to linoleum as she dug inside the bag. Taking out the small box, she set it on the countertop, brushing aside a stray strand of her brown hair.
Today Sarah was going to spend the evening with her reclusive roommate Jennifer. It still struck her as insane that the two had never really hung out together despite how far into their first semester of graduate school they were. They were like ships passing in the night, with Sarah always out at some event or rushing off to meet with friends while Jennifer was always sequestered in her room.
“It’s time for that to change,” Sarah resolved, studying her purchase on the kitchen counter.
“Ease yourself into bliss,” the back of the box proclaimed with puffy letters. Sarah sincerely hoped
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Alt Styles
I figured out some simplified styles to use for less important comic panels, stuff like setting the scene or character gags; the idea being that not every pay comic panel needs to be a 10 hour heavily polished pin up. People seem to really like some of these, so I might lean on them pretty heavily  =3… the first page here was the biggest single inspiration, but I looked at loads of chibi/anime/popular porn pics while sketching
Trying out more feral (but still feminine) body shapes and poses so I can push the TF further in comics. I'm really liking that last one =]
I hope she's a cat person because the rest of the cage's occupants are going to be eager to get to know her- especially the two hungry cubs and their father  =3

Sorry I was absent for a month after launch, I was really busy with 3 trips and working out the next pay comic. This pic is to test a new way of doing inks automatically; Still needs some tweaks, but it's got potential. Thanks for all the support and feedback on the last pay comic btw, it feels like people get more enthusiastic with every issue  =)

EDIT: I redid the sketches a few times to make her look less awkward and more feral, and it accidentally created a TF animation. I'll have to include these sorts of TF moments in future sequences =]
Phone Sketches - Fox Village and Mouthy Bunny
"If you look left you'll see a girl having a rather... Dramatic allergic reaction to visiting a whole island full of foxes. A single animal would bring on minor sniffles, but hundreds were simply more than her body could take.
"While on your right, a poor girl learns why you don't mouth off about the inferior mixed-breed bunnies a pet store stocks, while a devious fairy might be listening. Fortunately she can now help add some more... Pure-blooded litters.

Woo now I can draw, stream and voice chat at the same time from my phone. I don't have to take a tablet PC travelling for casual streaming =3  (The apps used were Ibis paint, Bitstream, and discord, on a Note 8. Note that you can only output audio to discord OR the stream, not both, and the phone can't reliably handle a higher bitrate at 720p)

It'd be nice if I could export the pics more easily but whatever, screenshots will do =)
It's much too soon to be making any real announcements, but briefly: I put in a few months of R&D and got to here…  
You can see a breakdown of the effort on my twitter

Again, it's too early to be making promises. But this algorithm, if it works in full, would take a solid chunk out of the uncanny valley and make some truly amazing porn (not to mention character animation!). In its current state it'd already be great for boobs and butts, but we can do better, I know it!
Unfortunately it's going to be quite a few months yet before we'll have anything solid. And right now I have to stop and draw a pay comic or two.

Also believe it or not the majority of my time in 2016 went towards TF stuff, I just haven't finished much of it heh. 2016, the year of WIP


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