Well, when the Queen of cosplay commands, I obey

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I got tagged by  :icontatlifly: so ...

There are six things you must tell.
3 negative and 3 positive, answer honestly of course.
Tag six blogs and link the blog who tagged you.

Three negative things you must tell:

1. Your least favourite cosplay and why.

This may sound odd but at the moment it's my up and coming predator, have been working with it for about 250 hours now and still no end in sight ><

2. Your worst experience at con.

Hmm, actually I dont know ... there are annoying things but so far nothing super bad

3. Your worst con and why.

Tracon 2010 ... the heat ... imagine wearing a full latex suit in that heat ... I lost several kg's of weight just by sweating, still amazed I stayed vertical.

Three positive things you must tell:

1. Your favourite cosplay and why.

Batman (D'oh) because a) I am proud of that costume and b) it is something of a rarity in finland

2. Your best experience at a con.

Argh (I might get killed for this, sorry...) but I do have to confess that meeting one special person is the best experience for me

3. Your best con and why.

Desucon 2010, first time I wore my batman costume, was a bit nervous at first how this anime / manga filled con would react to me ... well ... couldnt walk 10 steps without getting stopped by people wanting to take my pic or talk to me, was an absolute blast

People I'll tag:
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