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Commission - Ibuki Mioda Bondage Punishment
Enforcing the Rules Pt. 2
    Several days had passed since Daniel's locker room encounter.  He was paranoid every second he had to send going through the halls of Springfield High, constantly checking to make sure his shirt was tucked in and his belt as tight as he could get it.  And from the amount of scrawny nerds with their tighty whities over their heads, wangstas hung from their lockers by their boxers or boxer briefs, and girls with their thongs or granny panties stretch up to their shoulders that he'd passed in the last few days, he could take some comfort in the fact that he wasn't alone.  It didn't mean he had to just take the abuse.  He stopped by his locke
Wedgies by Daylight - Barbara Baker's Journals
Journals by Barbara Baker ********* This morning I…awoke and found myself in a strange place. I have no memory of how I came here, and I had nothing in the way of alcohol last night. My last known memory was falling asleep at my computer while I was grading tests, and suddenly I find myself awake in a classroom which I have no recollection of. Three other women were in the classroom as well, each of varying ages and other distinctions. The windows were barred shut and gave no hope to looking outside, and there was only a solitary door that proved to be any sort of exit. Confused and afraid, the other three women and I dispensed of any s
“It’s not my fault! You were clearly messing with me.” a voice insisted rather loudly while at the same time trying to remain calm. “Not your…” a higher pitched voice trailed off as its owner glared daggers at her fellow debater/boyfriend, “You pulled my brand new panties over my head!” Hailey sighed softly doing her best to ignore the sounds of fighting in the back seats just as she ignored the screams and stretch noises that had come from the back earlier. After all, she had the road to focus on and being a distracted driver would do no side of the argument any good. Still, even as she drove
elevator and toy wedgie
Jacqueline and Andrew were at the mall, almost finished with their shopping. They had stopped by some of the naughty shops in the mall and picked out some new toys, one of which Jacqueline was already trying out. She shivered a little as she felt the thick dildo shoved inside her pussy, shifting around with each step. Andrew had sneakily shoved that into her right in the middle of the store, he'd reached under the cute skirt she was wearing and pushed her panties to the side while giving her a hug, and then wiggled the 5 inch dildo into her pussy. It may not be long but it's thick and she moaned as it filled her pussy, attracting some curious

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Types of Wedgies
⬇️⬇️⬇️Table of Contents⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1. Regular 2. Jock-Lock 3. Atomic 4. Hanging 5. Propeller 6. Ripper 7. Belt 8. Backward 9. Blast 10. Bra-Connection 11. Chair 12. Frosty 13. Doorknob 14. Messy 15. Permanent 16. Trashcan 17. Shoulder 18. Squeaky Clean 19. Scarecrow 20. Rowing 21. Dizzy 22. Handcuff 23. Frontal 24. Rambo 25. Drag 26. Tape 27. Tied Up 28. Deluxe 29. Pants Down 30. Kangaroo 31. Mervin 32. Gang ⬇️⬇️⬇️CAN BE SELF⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1. Regular Wedgie: the underwear of the victim is
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