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Wedgies by Daylight - Barbara Baker's Journals
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This morning I…awoke and found myself in a strange place. I have no memory of how I came here, and I had nothing in the way of alcohol last night. My last known memory was falling asleep at my computer while I was grading tests, and suddenly I find myself awake in a classroom which I have no recollection of. Three other women were in the classroom as well, each of varying ages and other distinctions. The windows were barred shut and gave no hope to looking outside, and there was only a solitary door that proved to be any sort of exit. Confused and afraid, the other three women and I dispensed of any sort of introductions and immediately made our way outside of the door.
I found myself back in that horrid classroom once more, and after the venture outside I learned what awaits us. When I stepped outside the door, I fell asleep, albeit briefly. When I awoke again, I found myself in the hallways of yet another unfamiliar school, a
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Hailey sighed softly doing her best to ignore the sounds of fighting in the back seats just as she ignored the screams and stretch noises that had come from the back earlier. After all, she had the road to focus on and being a distracted driver would do no side of the argument any good. Still, even as she drove silently down the road away from the fairgrounds they had come from, her patience was beginning to wear thin.
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⬇️⬇️⬇️Table of Contents⬇️⬇️⬇️
1. Regular
2. Jock-Lock
3. Atomic
4. Hanging
5. Propeller
6. Ripper
7. Belt
8. Backward
9. Blast
10. Bra-Connection
11. Chair
12. Frosty
13. Doorknob
14. Messy
15. Permanent
16. Trashcan
17. Shoulder
18. Squeaky Clean
19. Scarecrow
20. Rowing
21. Dizzy
22. Handcuff
23. Frontal
24. Rambo
25. Drag
26. Tape
27. Tied Up
28. Deluxe
29. Pants Down
30. Kangaroo
31. Mervin
32. Gang

⬇️⬇️⬇️CAN BE SELF⬇️⬇️⬇️

1. Regular Wedgie: the underwear of the victim is pulled sharply up from the back.

2. Jock-Lock: after tripping the victim or finding a victim unlucky enough to already be lying face down, one or both feet are bent back and their underwear is wedgied and the leg holes are put around their toes (or the toe of their shoes.) It ends up exposing their rear and gets pulled tighter if they try to move their feet. If someone else is holding down their hands, all they can do is struggle and wedge it in tighter.

3. Atomic Wedgie: The victim has his underwear pulled up over his head and secured on his forehead. Although seemingly impossible, the atomic wedgie is totaly doable with the right amount of effort and is IDEAL to perform on a tighty whitie wearer.

4. Hanging Wedgie: performed by executing some form of basic type of wedgie, and then lifting the victim off the ground, and hanging either the tip of the underwear onto some form of elevated hook device, or jamming an elevated stationary pole of some sort through the underwear leg holes, or by looping rope through the legholes and lifting in a pully like fashion. For this particular wedgie to be authentic, the victim's legs must not be able to reach the ground.

5. Propeller Wedgie: induced by giving the victim a regular wedgie, then jamming some form of pole between the legholes, then somehow twisting the form around, tightening the material and wedging the material in the victim's buttocks. A Variation is when a shirt is then placed on the Pole, so they are stuck, also known as a "Scarecrow Wedgie".

6. Ripper (or Super) Wedgie: when the wedgie is delivered with so much force that the underwear rips.

7. Belt wedgie: The victim is given a normal wedgie until hte legholes are exposed. At this point the victims belt is removed and reinserted as normal with hte exception of the belt now being looped through the legholes as well. For added diffictuly in removing, the belt can be inserted backwards so the buckle is now on hte back.
8. Backward Wedgie: A wedgie where the victim has their underwear on backwards. This way the underwear is more like a thong when it is in your butt because the front side of the underwear is not as wide as the back side

9. Blast Wedgie: The victim is wedgied with no pants on so their butt is completely exposed. Then water is shot directly at their butt, usually by a hose or water gun. This should be done outside.

10. Bra Connection Wedgie: Give a girl a normal wedgie until her leg holes are shown. Next unhook the back of her bra then re-hook it through the leg holes. When you're done she'll be getting a wedgie by her own bra. This can also be done from the front (much easier if the bra unhooks at the front)

11. Chair Wedgie: When the victim is sitting in a chair with a back, give the victim a wedgie. Once the underwear is high enough hook it over the top of the back of the chair. This can be made worse by putting something heavy in the victim's lap or by tying them to the seat of the chair.

12. Frosty Wedgie: The victim's underwear is completely soaked in water and frozen. Once the underwear is done freezing the victim is wedgied in them until they thaw out

13. Doorknob Wedgie: Usually done with stretchy underwear, the victim's underwear is attached to a doorknob (leg holes wrapped around or waistband hooked over the handle) on the side the door opens up to. Put the victim on the opposite side of the door (the side the underwear isn't attached to) and close the door. When finished you should be inside a room and the victim should be outside in the hallway with their underwear pulled through the closed doorway. For the best results you should be able to lock the door from the inside, then sit back and listen to music, watch TV, or play video games because your victim is stuck until you get bored.

14. Messy Wedgie: Put any kind of messy foods down the back of the underwear (such as bananas, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc.) and then give them a wedgie. As the name suggests, this can get very messy with the ingredients running down the victim's legs and onto the floor (also splattering all over the place from the wedgie). Its best that this is done outside, on easily cleaned floors, or with tarps covering the room.

•Chilly Wedgie: ice or snow put in the underwear

•Breakfast Wedgie: milk, cereal, toast, ect. put in the underwear

•Muddybuddy Wedgie: mud put in the underwear

•Birthday Wedgie: cake and/or ice cream put in the underwear. If you want to go further, after giving the victim a wedgie have them lay on their stomach then stick a candle between their butt cheeks

•Itchy Wedgie: itching power put in the underwear

•Nature Wedgie: grass, pine needles, flowers, ect. put in the underwear

•Banana Wedgie: place a banana in the back of the victim's underwear. If you want you can split the banana in half, sticking one part in the front and one part in the back

15. Permanent Wedgie: take off the victim's shirt and give them a frontal and normal wedgie. Take a thin piece of string (like a shoelace) and thread it through the front of the leg holes (the string should be coming out an equal distance from each leg hole). Next pull the ends of the string over the victim's shoulders and tightly tie them to their back leg holes. With their wedgie secure make them put on a shirt to hide it and go see a movie or to the store. Just make sure you ask them to reach anything high up or get anything that falls on the floor

16. Trashcan Wedgie: For this you'll need a trashcan big enough for your victim to sit in and with some type of handle. First have the victim sit on top of the open and empty (or near empty) trashcan. Grab the victim's underwear and pull it until it you can hook it over or attach it to the handle on the side. Once the underwear is attached, push the victim down into the trashcan. If done right the victim's butt should be deep in the trashcan, their arms and legs sticking out the top, and their underwear stretched all the way to the handle

17. Shoulder Wedgie: The underwear is pulled so high that the leg holes are able to go over the victim's shoulders (the underwear will look like suspenders). As seen in the picture the shoulder wedgie would end in an all around wedgie pulling from the front back and side

18. Squeaky Clean Wedgie: This can be done by one or two people. First give the victim a wedgie (normal or frontal). Then if you are alone, spin them around and give them the opposite type. If you are working with someone else, let them pull up on their end. This back and forth motion makes the underwear slide between the victim's legs (through the butt and over or into the front). It's best to do this when the victim is wearing pants so the underwear stays in place.


19. Scarecrow Wedgie: You will need a long stick (like a broom) and for your victim to be wearing a long sleeve shirt. Give the victim a normal wedgie and pull it high enough so that the leg holes are just below armpit level and underneath the shirt. Next thread the broomstick through one of their sleeves, when you get to their back you need to thread the broomstick through both leg holes, lastly thread it through the other sleeve.

20. Rowing Wedgie: With the victim lying on the floor (face down or face up), sit yourself right above their head and place the soles of your feet on their shoulders. Reach forward and grab their underwear then act as if you were rowing a rowboat

21. Dizzy Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie and pulled around in circles. To take this to the next level give the victim a hanging wedgie with nothing around them (off a tree branch or in the middle of a room) then spin them in circles. When you release them they will spin very fast.

22. Handcuff wedgie: The victim is given a normal wedgie until the legholes are exposed. Now, handcuffs are cuffed through the legholes, and some type of pole just high enough that hte victim must stand on their tip-toes

23. Frontal Wedgie: the frontal wedgie is the condition of having the victim's underwear yanked up from the front waistband, either squashing the testicles or wedging the underwear material into the vulva causing camel toe.

24. Rambo Wedgie
A derivation of the Ripper Wedgie in which the waistband of the underwear is ripped off completely. The waistband is then put into a figure of eight and folded over in order to halve the circumference. The one-time owner of the pants must then wear his old waistband as a head scarf.

25. Drag Wedgie: When the victim is pushed or tripped and then peforming a wedgie and dragging the victim by their underwear while still on the ground.

26. Tape Wedgie: the same as a normal wedgie, but the waistband of the underpants is taped somewhere inaccesible, thus not allowing for the wedgie to be undone.

27. Tied up Wedgie: victim is given a regular wedgie and then has their hands put through the leg holes of the pants. The hands are then fastened to each other.

28. Wedgie Deluxe: victim is given a regular wedgie and then has string run through the leg holes. The string is tied to something else, with the victim rotated so as to be facing away from the object with the string running past their head. A group of people then pull on the victim's ankles.

29. Pants Down Wedgie: a combination of both pulling the victim's pants down (pantsing), standing on the pants and whilst the victim is trying to pull their pants up, performing a wedgie.

30. Kangaroo Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie and then bounced, if you can't bounce the victim then just start jumping. Either way the underwear will repeatedly be wedged up the victim's butt. This can be a good technique to use if you plan on giving the victim an atomic wedgie or a shoulder wedgie (the bounces stretching the underwear).


31. Mervin: a combination of both the regular wedgie and the frontal wedgie, both the front and rear of the victim's underpants are hoisted upward, causing significant discomfort and humiliation. Difficult to perform with any stealth (and thus rare), this variation on the wedgie was popularized most notably by the early 1990s Nickelodeon show Salute Your Shorts. Can also be executed by a pair of wedgiers (one in front, one in back)

32. Gang Wedgie:
victim is grabbed by group of people, who then give wedgie in any form to victim, as well as as many wedgies as the group decides to give and even combinations. This can end then in putting them in a jock-lock and leaving them alone to get out themselves


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