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Vaizard Ichigo

By benderZz
Vaizard Ichigo donniing his mask.

Lines by ~Bankai-no-jutsu =D

Colourings by me

BLeach (c) Kubo Tite
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© 2010 - 2021 benderZz
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ridiculously epic
tany2323's avatar
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that's cool. i think that's my Favorite mask so far.
kemuael's avatar
well done!!

funny story about finding this i was looking for this some months ago couldn't find this at all so i gave up
found it now while looking for naruto chapter 487 art

so find it without looking for it the joker was right "life is funny" lol
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He's shining isn't he...
:P That's awesome!
wooow, excellent work on the colours
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wow, its so not fair how good you are! I hope that I will be just as good as you one day! lol, gorgeous work, totally breathtaking!
benderZz's avatar
You'll be a fine artist someday!! :D
thetravelingbard's avatar
:blush: awww thank you so much!
vkikay's avatar
and the shiny red here? :wtf <--- oopps great work!!
benderZz's avatar
You talking about the mask right? The shiny part I just draw a canvas and increase the brightness a lil bit 30-40% =D
vkikay's avatar
no... the reiatsu :3 I guess you used the same lightning effect as you did for chidori/rasengan?
benderZz's avatar
Oh yeah I did the same style of glow for both =D
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How come you didn't share with me
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Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
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