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Ichigo and Hichigo

By benderZz
Old chapter panel

Lines by =Azley =D

Colourings by me

Kurosaki Ichigo bleach (c) Kubo Tite
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© 2010 - 2021 benderZz
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Did something like this but with my fan character check it out [link]
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I think it's one of my most favorite pictures from Bleach, I remember there was a sing "both life and death reside within me" or something similar, depends on the translation, but I think that was it. i like your coloring very mucho, xD
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Brillant Bender is Brillant
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thanks baby

listen, I'm free to colour request since its christmas soon and theres nothing to do in the meantime
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Merry Christmas to me!


can you color this for me


I want the scenes with Ichigo and Orihime at the top panels, but I also want the one where he saids Ill take you home, the one with Ryuuken hand on her shoulder and Ichigos eyes(drool) and the one where it shows Ichigo bowing.

can you make me a sig and avvy out of it, so I can wear it?

My avvy I want Orihimes panel at the top

and my sig the rest

and have it say Cockblocked in the sig, somewhere.
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Is the bottom left suppose to be Gin?? or is it some one else I can't tell by the hair alone xD
Really nice image though : )
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That's Hollow Ichigo.
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Lol! After a full year and a few months I get a reply. xD
I was woundering when I'd posted this comment.
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searched for this a while back. didn't find it. thanks, i love it
Good work. I like this a lot.
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WOW!!!!!! :wow: it looks soooooo awesome!!!!! :la:
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hold it! why isn't the bottom left side of ichigo's hair ain't colored?
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I love this =D ! the eyes !
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:heart: simply amazing!

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:wow: ... so cool! :D
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O.O Ya la puse de fondo de escritorio de mi PC, excelente como siempre
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