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ill be working on a new joker piece.…
Hey guys I picked up a monoprice drawing monitor recently and did a quick review on it. Check it out!…
Hey Just a heads up, Superman prints are selling steadily. Between The tap and mallet show and roc con this weekend they might sell out. If you haven't had a chance to grab one you can order here before they are all gone!…
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Hey guys I am having a buy one get one free print sale all month. Please have a look and pic up a couple for a good price.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a note.
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Hey everybody.  Legacy, a TCG that I did some work for just went live on kick starter last night. The game has a ton of great art in it and looks seriously sick. So many hours went into developing Legacy so please check it out and pass this link around to help a great game get the recognition it deserves.…
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So I finally set up a little print
After going broke paying for surgery for my ferret, my drawing monitor dies the same week. I just can't win. So all sales will go towards getting a new monitor and would really help me out.
Here are all the prints I have

mara by benchi Zombie Killer by benchi sci fi by benchi samson by benchi IRONTRON by benchi Vampire by benchi Princess Mononoke by benchi Jaguar by benchi laser eye by benchi Zombie attack by benchi ONLY 1 JAGUAR PRINT LEFT!!!!

the joker by benchi laying in the rain by benchi Robot Girl by benchi Glass Princess by benchi Vanessa by benchi

Vanessa by benchi mara by benchi Zombie Killer by benchi Charlie and Coco by benchi Ash warrior by benchi Robot Girl by benchi laying in the rain by benchi Glass Princess by benchi the joker by benchi

When placing an order specify what prints you want since I only have four sections on the site. For example if you want a 11x17 mara print go to the 11x17 page place your order and say "I would like a mara print" in the comments section.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

All 8.5x 11 are buy one get one free!
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Come hang out and tell me how to draw…
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I snagged the image of the day over at imagine fx Made m day
  • Drinking: water… I am livestreaming a piece I just started come hang out
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MY buddy cj is live streaming whilst talking with me come join
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Check out some new sketches and work in progress shots from my newest painting.…
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Man I never update. It has been almost a year, damn. Not a lot has changed just thought i would link all the websites I am on and see if anyone else is on any of them. If so feel free to add me.

Imagine fx-…
CG Hub-
Filter Foundry-…...
Sketch Blog-…
CG Society-
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So roc con was pretty sick. I met some amazing people and made some great contacts. I am very optimistic about the future.
I sold some prints but still have a ton left over So if anyone is interested Check out my etsy store… I didn't list all of the prints on etsy I have a few other ones. And also have them in a smaller size at 8.5x11 for 5 dollars. Just shoot me a note if you are interested in anything. Thanks guys and take care
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So my 20,000 page view is fast approaching. I'm about to be as cool as :iconhowlseage: was like 3 years ago. So I'm thinking Ill offer a free print to the person who snaps the screenshot of my 20,000th pageview. The print will be your choosing of whatever is left over from roc con this saturday. And if I catch anyone trying to Photoshop it ill send the print to your house on fire! Take care!
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Hey guys,
I am going to be showing my work and selling prints at a local sci-fi convention. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for me. This is my first convention and I don't really know what to expect.
Like how much I should sell my prints for or how many to bring. Or even as a buyer what you would be more inclined to purchase. any help is appreciated!
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settling into a new place.personal art is going slow.
I need more Artist friends on facebook and twitter. Show me some love guys.!/…!/BenMoriconi
I have been seriously considering making a crysis 2 mod. Anyone Who knows anything about modding or the crysis 2 sandbox editor get at me and maybe we can collab on something awesome.
Also I need some freeken work. I have hit a dry spell. So anyone interested in commissioning me for a sketch or a full out painting or anything in between drop me a note. That's all for now I guess
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Hey guys I was just interviewed over at effects zone a very cool website. Check it out here…
Not a huge interview but I gave them the first look at my brand new painting so go check it out!

I'm thinking I may start doing tutorials and walk-troughs of my work. Would any of you guys be interested? If so what kinds of things would you guys like to see specifically?
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so im working on a commission right. then the power in my room flickers so i save the photoshop file. then the power goes out. then when the power comes back on the painting is just a black background. someone tell me there is some kind of fix.... god fucking damnit
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I have some cool stuff going on lately. Fingers crossed it all works out.  I'm going to try to post more regularly and try to stick to that new years resolution......AND THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL
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quit job become famous artist.
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