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en proceso. pastel sobre madera. 186 x 122 cnms.

Esta pieza , aun por finalizar, trata el tema de la emigración. Intento adentrarme y exponer la realidad de estas personas que se juegan la vida en una patera en busca de un futuro más esperanzador del que cuentan en sus países. y, que desgraciadamente, en muchos casos, ven como el mar o la cruda realidad termina por ahogar sus sueños.
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1975x3088px 4.64 MB
Canon EOS 450D
Shutter Speed
1/25 second
Focal Length
23 mm
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Date Taken
Dec 29, 2012, 5:27:14 PM
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
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First, my Critique Disclaimer: I always feel uncomfortable providing feedback, but especially so on an incomplete work. Even more importantly, I'm reluctant to offer criticism of an artist, like you, whose work is far superior to my own. Nonetheless, I'll honor your request.

Upon viewing the piece, I initially thought: Why is he painting a red blanket around that photograph? I quickly realized, however, that both the person and blanket were your creations.

The face and arm appear to be done. From my view they are perfect, to be honest, and beyond reproach. The water or sweat on him is awesome as is the skin tone and the faint beard on his upper lip and chin. Everything pertaining to the skin is photo quality. The blanket, however, is obviously incomplete. But to what extent?

The blanket draped on the right shoulder appears nearly done as I can see you adding and blending a softer tone. It looks great. The left shoulder, obviously, still needs to be completed so not much to say there. I'm assuming the blanket atop the head is also incomplete as the lighter highlight in the folds around the face appear 'heavy', perhaps not yet fully blended. I'm not sure what else to say other than the detail in the blanket folds surrounding the face are not yet the same quality as the detail in the face -- at least not at present.

It's a very strong image; however, I was unsure why he was sweating or simply dripping water. Meaning, I wish I knew more of his story without having to read your explanation. Sometimes a portrait is indeed just a portrait. But if it's intended to tell a story, I've always felt it should do so without the support of any words. Meaning, will your audience understand the story solely by your art with no words? In the end, a work may require more visual information in the portrait, such as the man sitting patiently in a boat crossing an open body of water while another man rows the craft toward an awaiting shore.

Overall, I'm in awe of your collective work. You are a true inspiration and artistic genius.
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Impact

I don't think I'm qualified to make a critical review, but even so I think that the application of realist technique has grown a lot lately. Not being a huge fan, I can recognize the merit and work spent on these works. Unfortunately, I think the goal of exposing the reality of this drama is lost in the observation of the technical quality of the artist.

Technically speaking the work appears to have no defects, however evaluate through a computer screen is not the same as evaluating personaly, especially a canvas so big.

However I praise the goal and the effort, keep up the good work, I'll keep watching <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Good work
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OMG, looks like a photo. I do not know of a pastel master as good as you. how do you get the detail of the sweat and skin to look so realistic. same with posiden , hair and all. tiene un webpage?
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Wow! Una obra de arte fantástico, como siempre. Usted es uno de mis artistas favoritos de Deviant Art. Gran trabajo en este también.
Wow! A Fantastic Art Piece as Always. You are one of my Favorite Artists on Deviant Art. Great job on this one too.
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Gracias! Eres muy amable. Un saludo.
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Thank you! You're very kind. A greeting.
Muchas gracias a mi amigo.:handshake:
Thank you very much my friend.:handshake:
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This piece, even by the end, is the subject of emigration. Delve try and expose the reality of these people who are risking their lives in a boat in search of a brighter future than have in their countries. and, unfortunately, in many cases, are like the sea or the harsh reality ends up drowning his dreams.
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Simply stunning, I can't believe the detail you get.
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muy pero muy zarpado tus trabajos¡¡
Mierda que apero man
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The portrait is beautiful: The colors are very carefully chosen and the abundance of details impresses from the very first second. However, what makes this portrait truly great is the expression you gave your character: it's full of life and manages to communicate with the viewer in a natural manner.

Sincere congratulations and I'm looking forward to your next ones! :D
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How much time is involved in such a masterpiece? Great works!
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Beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished work.
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holy crap...
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Very good, strong, impressive.
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wow! that's all i can say.
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this is amazing. just beautiful!!
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Es impresionante. Aún en este estado incompleto, es magnífico. Te felicito muchísimo.
Simplesmente magnífico! Foi o trabalho mais belo que já vi na técnica do Giz Pastel. Parabéns! Emocionante!
BOOM BANG great work
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