One day left for my artbook! (We reached 800%!)

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My artbook is still available on Ulule but 1 day left!

One original sketch with the purchase of the artbook. No matter if you just took a 20€  (22$) regular book or a signed one, I will add an original drawing!

Ulule Bignews Coffret by BenBASSO

How it looks ?
  • 120 pages, thick paper, full of fantastic creatures illustrations,
  • Sewn back,
  • Central double gatefold with an illustration of the evolution of life ... into the fantastic world of the book,
  • Hard cover with selective varnish and hot stamping,
  • An amazing "old book style" case, with four new illustrations "engraved" on it,
  • bookplate, a bookmarkpostcards, a pdf version of the book and a wallpaper,
  • And finally: AN ORIGINAL SKETCH.
And commissions are available too! More on Ulule:
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Just a question when will the book be being shipped?
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Zut, j ai loupé la campagne! 
C'est génial, tu as tout explosé! maintenant tu vas avoir un taff de fou pour préparer toutes ces commandes... :)
Bon courage et bonne continuation !
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Il sortira en librairie en septembre, normalement (mais sans les bonus). Si j'arrive a en récupérer suffisamment de ce tirage-là, je ferai une annonce ! Merci !
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How long until you can't get i might not be able to get it tonight (Im in the UK so uk time :P )
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UK time ? It will end at 11pm, I think. The book will be out in september in bookstores, but without all adds and without the free original sketch.
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Nvm just bought it haha :D
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J'ai hâte de l'avoir entre les mains je dois dire ^^
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Il faudra être encore un peu patient ! Il ne reste plus que 14 heures !
talline-occrerou's avatar
L'attente ça fait partie du jeu ^^
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