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I finally did it!

I'm opening story Commissions! If you check my page, you can see more info.

I'm nervous about it, but I hope you can help guide me.
Hey guys!

Just to let you know that my holiday in Florida will begin tomorrow when I arrive!

I'll contact you guys when I'm able to after I land and get settled.

See ya soon in sunny Florida! (Or at least Miami for the first 2 nights.)
Sorry I didn't do a journal saying that I was back from The Muppets Take The O2, but I want to say that it was really AMAZING!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be going on holiday to Florida this Saturday. Though I'm spending the first 2 nights in Miami.

Just wanted to let you know why I won't be active for Saturday, but I'll try to speak with you guys when I can. Most likely when I get settled and am able to be on my devices again.

I'll do another journal this Saturday saying that I've arrived when I'm able to.

See ya guys soon!
Hey guys, today I'm going to see Muppets Take the O2 today at the O2 Arena with my mum.

I'm just really excited for it, but the journal is just to let you know I'll be out for a few hours. Nothing to worry about.

But yeah, I'm just so excited for tonight!
Hey guys, just making a reminder that my birthday is tomorrow!

I'm just so excited that I'm going to be 21 tomorrow!

That is all I need to say.

See you tomorrow!
Hey guys, just making a reminder that my birthday is next week!

I'm just so excited for that day! And I'm also really looking forward to the birthday wishes and gifts I might be getting!

That is all I needed to say.

See ya!
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that's just 2 weeks until my birthday!

And I'm going to be 21 this year! I'm just excited for it!

I can't wait for that day to come, and what gifts I'll get from it!

See ya later guys! I might do another journal next week as a reminder.
One of my friends zekroman96 (FA) is having a bit of trouble and he needs money to pay a fee that'll come in 10 days!…

He's doing Emergency Commissions! They're lineart and quite cheap, but please read the description of the subject for more information.

Please guys! Zak really your help right now and we would be very grateful if you could help him and also spread the message to get other people to help.

Please! Zak and I are counting on you! Plus there are others who want to see him get through this!

So please help us!
I have just made a tweet I believe should make something aware...

We need to stop turning a blind eye to people who have potential regardless of what they do and what kind of person they are!…

This needs to be spread around the whole wide world and made aware of one of the problems we're dealing with!


No blind eyes at all!

Let's make this trend!
My comrades, the final battle against the Darker Lord will soon be upon us.

That battle will require all 10 of us to defeat the Darker Lord and save Miitopia! And I need all of you to choose which part of our final enemy you will fight, since we need to split up into teams.

Please make a choice... (Spoiler Alert!)

Darker Lord's Left Hand:




Darker Lord's Right Hand:




I'm sorry to say that after the hands are taken care of, your faces will be stolen and the Darker Lord will become the Darkest Lord. But that is where me and 3 others will take care of things! Just please hold on, we'll help you finish the enemy off!

Darkest Lord:





:icondeadimmortal71:, :iconelectronickangaroo:, :iconalphacharlieecho247:, :iconprofessorsodaman:, :iconnikkilove025:, :iconelementalfurries::iconjd23hedz:, :iconterraterracotta: And :icontmanwade260:, I seriously need all of you to make a decision. And please don't ignore this!

Also, because of the earlier lottery I did. I will allow :iconprofessorsodaman::iconjd23hedz: and :iconterraterracotta: to get to choose first as a consultation prize from when I did it.

Everyone, just please answer. The fate of all of Miitopia depends on you 9 chosen ones. Don't ignore this!

I hope to hear from you soon... Please help.
We all defeated the Dark Lord, but the Great Sage has been possessed and now has become the Darker Lord!!

My party members, we must embark on another quest! This time to stop the Darker Lord and save Miitopia from a greater evil!

Who's with me?!
I finally have a team to fight the Dragon Boss in Miitopia!

Party fighting the Dragon:





I have a classic RPG party for the Dragon fight, congratulations :iconelectronickangaroo:! You won the lottery! But to :iconprofessorsodaman:, :iconjd23hedz: and :iconterraterracotta:, I will allow you 3 to choose which place for the final boss fight you would like first as a condolence prize, it's the least I can do for you.

Anyway guys... LET'S GO! FOR MIITOPIA!!!
I'm getting a bit tired of waiting for an answer for who wants to fight the Dragon Boss in Miitopia, so I'm going to do a little lottery to see who's going to fight the Dragon with me and other people who volunteered.

This is just a reminder...

Fighting the Dragon:





I am going to give :iconelectronickangaroo:, :iconprofessorsodaman:, :iconjd23hedz: and :iconterraterracotta: the numbers 1 - 4 and I will just use a random number generator to see who fight the Dragon with us.

:iconelectronickangaroo: - #1
:iconprofessorsodaman: - #2
:iconjd23hedz: - #3
:iconterraterracotta: - #4

:iconalphacharlieecho247:, :iconnikkilove025: and :icontmanwade260:, I'm just going to get things along so we can finally get the Dark Lord.

If anyone of you 4 do volunteer yourself before the lottery, I will add you to the list. So better make a move quickly if you want a spot.

Update: Lottery's over! I will post a new journal to show you who has won.
Happy New Year everyone!!

This 2017...

1. I made some new friends like :iconmarillon954:, :iconmattmacropika: and :iconbryantheoshawott:. (The last 2 who also became my Pokémon and brothers.)

2. I'm able to pay for commissions now!

And 3. I just feel more magical!

Hope 2018 is going to be a great year for everyone!


Bonus: Something for you to listen to as the first song of 2018... (Especially for Disney fans, I know you'll like it.) 
Merry Christmas guys!

Hope that your Christmas has been magical and full of sparkles in your eyes!

That's all from me...

Good night everyone!
Hey guys, especially my Miitopia party members!

It's been quite a long time since I've done a journal, but nobody ever claimed the last spot for who wants to fight the Dragon in my Miitopia.

This is just a reminder...

Fighting the Dragon:





I just need either :iconelectronickangaroo:, :iconprofessorsodaman:, :iconjd23hedz: and :iconterraterracotta: to tell me who wants to fight the Dragon. But remember, it's first come first serve!

:iconalphacharlieecho247:, :iconnikkilove025: and :icontmanwade260:, I know you chose to fight the Dark Lord. But I'm just making a reminder that I'm still going through with my Miitopia play through.

Anyway, see ya soon!
Hey guys...

I actually have to apologise as this is the holiday season and people will be busy... So on the advice of my friend and the Red Deviant Power Ranger :iconretrouniverseart:, any plans we have for the Deviant Power Rangers will be delayed until after the holidays.

I especially want to apologise to :iconshinewubbortiz2199:, :icondreamscancometrue67:, :iconsuperlioncharge-art:, :iconkingleolionheart: and :iconhewytoonmore: who all volunteered to be the Yellow, Pink, Black, White and Green Deviant Power Rangers, as they requested.

I promise that this is only for the holidays, and after that we will all get together and talk about what'll happen.

Until then...

This is the Blue Deviant Power Ranger, signing out. And I also wish you a happy holiday.
Hey guys.

I've fallen ill last night and I'm still sick today. Just can't believe it happened again after a few months.

I appreciate your support... again.
(For the Deviant Power Rangers themselves only!)

Hey there... It's honestly been some time since I've came up with the story idea for certain DA users who become the Deviant Power Rangers and more specifically, what weapons they would wield. I'm actually making this journal to say that after some months, the weapons the Deviant Power Rangers will wield have been completely confirmed!

The weapons they will wield are...

Red Ranger (:iconretrouniverseart:) - His Primal Sword, but a little bit more red.

Blue Ranger (:iconbenbandicoot:) - The Kingdom Key Keyblade/A sheathed katana. (The Keyblade transforms into a sheathed katana when Ben becomes the Blue Ranger, and vice versa when Ben turns back to normal.)

Yellow Ranger (:iconshinewubbortiz2199:) - A gravity saber, but a little bit more yellow.

Pink Ranger (:icondreamscancometrue67:) - A dagger. (But possibly a bit more pink.)

Black Ranger (:iconsuperlioncharge-art:) - The Galatine Saber an OC of his wields, but black instead of blue.

White Ranger (:iconkingleolionheart:) - His sword of Lionheart, but a little bit more gold.

And lastly,

Green Ranger (:iconhewytoonmore:) - Twin laser blasters.

I am very sorry that this took quite a long time for this to finish... but I'm just very glad that we're past that point now. All we need to do is to just chat about how the story will go, the concepts that'll go into it, and whatever else that we need to do. I'm actually really nervous about doing this... because to me, it just feels like a big project. And I would be very grateful if I could get all the help I'll need.

Can I also ask one question about this? Is it okay that we make this a group project? (Collaborating on the story together I mean.)

Thank you so much for your patience, and I am looking forward to hearing from you guys very soon. Thank you again.