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REAL Laughter by Kirbyfan1234 by BenBandicoot REAL Laughter by Kirbyfan1234 by BenBandicoot
This made me smile when I saw it... And now for a story.

I stood outside Monsters Inc.'s Laugh Floor holding a letter.

Ben: *Checks the letter, then looks at the building* Yep. This is the building... *Thinks for a moment* (The last time I was there, I actually got to meet and hug my idol.)


*Sound of a letter coming through a letter flap*

Ben: Huh? *Finds the letter and lifts it up* ... *Reads* For me?

I decided to open and read it... And this is how it went.

"Dear lucky MU student."

Ben: "Lucky?"

"Today at the Laugh Floor, we are experimenting with how we can obtain laughs. And luckily MU has allowed one of their own students to take part. If YOU are reading this letter, that means you have been chosen."

Ben: Uh...

"We hope to see you soon."

"Kind regards, the CEO."

Ben: ... How'd it actually end up being me?

*Flashback ends*

Ben: *Breaths in and out* Okay. Here goes.

I entered the building, and it actually looked the same as it did the last time I was in.

Ben: *Looks around* Nothing. Then where-

A monster who worked here noticed me and came up to me, though I was a bit scared.

Monster: Are you... a student at MU?

Ben: Y-yeah... *A bit scared, but shows the letter* C-can you show me where I'm suppose to be?

Monster: *Looks at the letter* Yeah. *Points in the direction of a Laugh Floor* You just go there and you should find what you're here for.

Ben: *Looks in the direction* Oh. *Walks off towards the laugh floor* Thank you.

Monster: You're welcome.

I walked towards the Laugh Floor, and what I saw...

Ben: *Sees the Laugh Floor* Whoa... Actually looks like a Birthday party. *Walks through*

I walked through the Laugh Floor, seeing monsters with funny things, gags... and even some food like cake.

Ben: *Walks to an empty space* This looks like where I could meet the CEO.

Though I think that was answered for me.

Ben: *Eyes are suddenly covered* What the!?

Familiar Voice: Peekaboo!

Ben: Wait. I know that voice.

I think I was turned around and then...

*The eyes were uncovered to reveal...*

Ben: *Sees it was Sulley* Oh! It's you.

Sulley: *Chuckle* I see you are the MU student that got my letter then.

Ben: 0_0 *Takes out the letter* Wait. YOU'RE the CEO!?

Sulley: You never knew?

Ben: *Blushes a bit* I-I am a transfer student.

Mike: *Comes out a door and sees the two of them* Sulley? Is that the lucky MU student?

Sulley: Yeah.

Ben: Wait. Both of you?

????: Not if I didn't hear anything.

All 3: !!

Ben: Doesn't that sound... familiar?

Mike: Randy!?

I guess he made himself visible again when his name was heard.

Randall: *Makes himself visible again* Long time no see.

Sulley: But how-

Randall: It doesn't matter how! ... And you! *To the viewer* Call me Randy now!

Ben: Huh?

Randy: It doesn't concern you. MU boy.

Ben: ... *To Sulley and Mike* Can you explain why I'm here.

Sulley: Right. You see we make children laugh instead of scaring them.

Mike: A child's laughter is ten times as powerful as a child's scream.

Ben: Go on.

Mike: But... We never experimented with other ways we make them laugh besides jokes and accidents.

Sulley: We did consider one alternative but...

Ben: But...

Sulley: It's a little embarrassing.

Ben: What? *Shocked*

Randy: Just tell me what it is.

Mike: It's tickling.

Ben: What!? *More shocked*

The other three: ?

Ben: I-it's nothing.

But I think I pieced it together.

Ben: (Tickling? Lucky MU student?) !! *Starts to walk back a bit*

Though I think that got me caught.

Ben: *Turns and tries to run but...*

Sulley: *Grabs Ben by the arms and sits down* I'm sorry to do this to you. But...

And then it happened.

Sulley: *Starts tickling Ben's armpits*

Ben: *Starts laughing* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Mike: 0_0 He's that ticklish!? *Tries to talk to Randy* Uh, Randy? *Doesn't see him* Huh?

He figured that Randy unbuttoned my MU jacket and just tickled my sides. Bringing tears to my eyes.


Mike: *Thinks for a bit, but removes his shoes and socks* I'm sorry for this. *Tickles his feet, while smiling*


The tickling went on for some for like an hour, even if it felt like forever for me.

Ben: *Breathing in and out* I... thought... I was gonna die. *Tries to get up, but barely*

Sulley: I guess we might have overdone it.

Ben: "Might have?"

Mike: Even though I did enjoy it... I'm quite sorry.

Ben: *Puts his socks, shoes and MU cap back on* Well... Is it okay for me to go back?

Sulley: Yeah. We're pretty much finished.

Ben: Okay. *Starts to leave* I'll see you. *Exits the building*

Mike: Well- *Looks around quickly* Where's Randy?

Both of them saw Randy slip on a banana peel and land face first into a cake.

Mike and Sulley: *Laughs*

Randy: *Lifts his face up* Least I had fun today. *Holds up a scream canister with Ben's laughter in it*

The end.

Ben and story belong to :iconbenbandicoot:

Art belongs to :iconkirbyfan1234:

Monsters Inc./University and characters belong to Pixar, Disney
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Kirbyfan1234 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016   Traditional Artist
GREAT STORY! I loved it! :clap:
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student Writer
Thank you very much! Was there any parts you really liked?
Kirbyfan1234 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016   Traditional Artist
I don't know yet. I will let you know later! I'm getting really tired. you wouldn't believe what time it is where I am. and I'm just about done uploading every single one of my drawings. :faint:
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student Writer
Okay. I guess having a lot to do DOES make things tiring.
Kirbyfan1234 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016   Traditional Artist
it sure does.. and I'm going to have to do it again.
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Student Writer
Well hopefully it'll be over before you know it... again.
Kirbyfan1234 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016   Traditional Artist
Yeah.. ^^; Wish me luck.
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Student Writer
I already am.
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