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Monobandicoot by BenBandicoot Monobandicoot by BenBandicoot
You suddenly wake up in a room that looks like a cottage, then suddenly a strange bandicoot that half looks like Crash and half reminds you of Monokuma.

Strange Bandicoot: Hehehe... You finally woke up. I would reveal my name but scum like you will never EVER know, but I'll make sure you at least know me. I am Monobandicoot! I didn't always have this body, but someone willingly gave me his when I needed it and I am what you see now. Oh the joy of giving... And receiving!

You: Where am I, and why am I here?

Monobandicoot: You are here on a deserted island because you might be a DA user, or a passerby who likes stories or the art. I have one request...

You: What is it?

Monobandicoot: If you are a DA user, then either comment or give it a favourite, if you're a passerby then it's ok... If you give it a thought.

You: What'll happen if you refuse?

Monobandicoot: If you don't, I'll have a special punishment just for you! Even though it's only you here. (Depends on what you like or how you like to be executed! The idea has to be original and/or crazy!)

You: WHAT!?

Monobandicoot: Think carefully... Because it might be the LAST thing you EVER do! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What do you want to do?
Give a comment and/or favourite? (DA user only)
Think about the art? (Passerby only)
Refuse? (I wouldn't do that if I was you)

Monobandicoot belongs to :iconbenbandicoot:
Crash Bandicoot belongs to Crash Bandicoot series
Monokuma belongs to Dangan Ronpa
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September 16, 2014
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