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Ben and Sulley hugging by Kirbyfan1234 by BenBandicoot Ben and Sulley hugging by Kirbyfan1234 by BenBandicoot
I honestly like to think that I could be Sulley's little brother sometimes. And I even like to think what my monster form could be as well.

Sometimes when I'm at Monsters University, I like to do a bit of reading and studying about how to be a scary monster. Today was no different, as I was sitting under a tree during break reading a guide on how to do scary faces when...

Monster: "Hey, excuse me."

I managed to finish the sentence I was on and managed to place my bookmark so I could carry on later. I soon got up and managed to see the monster who got my attention, and I think he was curious about me.

Monster: "I noticed how you were reading these books and I was wondering if you could practise what you've been learning. Are you alright with that?"

Ben: "Sure, I could try. I think I may have been reading too much books, so this could be a good break."

I was getting myself ready to perform what I thought could be really scary. But then...

Ben: !!

I felt something within me, and it actually hurt.

Ben: "AH!"

I leaned on the tree I was sitting under and I held my chest, thinking it would go away.

Ben: "What's with this sudden pain!?"

Monster: "Are you alright? Should I get help!?"

Ben: "I think... I think-"

And then it happened...


My MU cap came off by itself because I started to grow horns on my head, I grew a tail of my own and surprisingly managed to get my MU jacket off without tearing it, my own hands turned into claws and even effected part of my arms and my own feet grew and turned into clawed feet. (Good thing I somehow removed my own shoes and socks for some reason, part of my jeans tore though.)

Ben: *Breathing heavily*

Monster: "Uh... Are you alright?"

Then what happened, happened for no reason. Must've been the monster in me awakening.

Ben: *Small growl*

Monster: "U-uh..." *A bit scared*

My eyes turned light blue, like some of the fur I had and I grew a bit of fangs... And then I...

Ben: *Suddenly turns and does a very scary face and roar* "RAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Monster: "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" *Falls onto the ground in fear*

I don't know what happened to me but I managed to calm down.

Ben: *Eyes turn back to brown and calms down completely* "Huh?" *Looks at himself* "What happened to me?" *Sees the monster on the ground* "A-are you alright? I'm sorry if-"

Monster: "Whoa... That. Was. AWESOME!!!"

Ben: *Shocked* "HUH!?"

That really shocked me.

Monster: "I was expecting you to do a scary face just to show me what you learned. But I never expected something terrifying like this! Now THAT'S something a monster should be scary for. I got to go but I'll see you later... Sulley Jr."

He left to go back to his friends, but I was still in shock though.

Ben: "I'm terrifying? Now I have a reason to stay with the books."

I was about to pick up my things when I saw...

Ben: *Sees two familiar faces* !! "You!? Didn't I see you at the laugh floor?"

The two monsters I saw were Mike Wazowski and James P Sullivan, or Sulley as he's known as.

Mike: "Yeah. Sulley and I were just visiting the University for old time sake, when we saw what happened to you."

Ben: "Oh." *Blushes a bit* (This is a bit embarrassing.) "What did you think?"

Mike: "Honestly... It was really terrifying."

Ben: (I knew it.) *Turns around, to not face them*

I never expected what happened next to actually happen, especially if you witnessed something terrifying.

Ben *Feels a pair of arms hugging him* "Huh?" *Sees that they're blue, like his claws* !! (This can only mean!) *Turns around and looks up* !! (I knew it!)

James P Sullivan, the monster I want to be like, the one I hold in my heart as number 1... and the one I think I'm a mega fan of, is hugging ME!!!

Sulley: "I understand that you wanted to be like me and studied really hard, but turning into a you version of me... I really think you can make it for the future."

Ben: "R-really?"

I was surprised, confused, and a bit happy as well.

Sulley: "Of course. Your roar was a bit too scary though."

Ben: "Isn't that what monsters are for though?"

We had a bit of a giggle though, before I tried to ask my question.

Ben: "Uh Sulley." *Blushes a bit* " Can I-"

Sulley: "You don't have to ask if you want to hug you know."

Ben: *Blushes* "Uh, okay..."

I hugged back and I actually loved it. Though Sulley did ask something he overheard.

Sulley: "What was with you being called Sulley Jr?"

Ben: "I honestly have no idea."

Though Mike thought about it.

Mike: (If he actually becomes Sulley Jr, or even his little brother for some reason...) *Shivers a bit with fear* "Brr..." (Terrifying.)

The End.

Ben (Bandicoot/Monster hybrid) and story belongs to :iconbenbandicoot:.

Art belongs to :iconkirbyfan1234:.

Mike, Sulley and Monsters University belongs to Pixar, Disney.
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Zhamons Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016
Me too.
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Student Writer
Are you a fan of Sulley?
Zhamons Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
Who isn't.
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Student Writer
Okay. Are you a Sulli-fan though?
Zhamons Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
BenBandicoot Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Student Writer
It's a term I came up with. It sounds like Sullivan.
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