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Jader Breeding Lore

Oriental Jaders are able to breed either with male x female pairings or with same sex pairings. This is made possible through 'Asher's Blessing' a blessing bestowed by the Ancient of Fertility, who is one of the many deities that reside within the realm of Eldemore. The blessing allows for offspring to be born through the magic of the Ancient by offering a drop of blood from each parent, sealing their union with an unbreakable pact, and making the impossible, possible. The Ancient's magic is praised for giving grieving barren mothers the ability to bare children, or offers same sex pairs to be gifted with offspring from the Ancient's magic itself.

Because of these miracles many pray to Asher to bless their Jaders as well. Many of the canines are able to breed and pass on rare genes despite the lack of male x female pairings, ensuring that desirable traits are kept going strong regardless of gender. Oriental Jaders can be bred to multiple others of their kind, but there are some who favor just one close mate opposed to many. Despite this, it is due to Asher's Blessing that Jader pups or born to strong lines that could result in entirely new traits being discovered and perfected over time. However, it is up to the breeders and owners of these unique dogs to use The Ancient of Fertility's blessings wisely.

Imperial Jader Blood Lore

Some Imperial Jaders display the extremely rare phenomenon of colored blood exuding from their bodies. This blood is thought to be because Imperials share more magic with their Dire Wolf ancestors that directly conflicts with their non-magical bloodline like their lesser brethren of ferals and domestics. This conflict of blood often result in a variety of hues ranging from blinding hot pinks or otherworldly inky black and so on; searing the ground where it falls, causing the Jader itself little harm but acting as a corrosive acid to anything it touches.

Some speculate this to be a defensive mechanism of evolution and breeding, while others believe that the constant conflict of the two differing bloods simply results in a chaotic form such as the colorful acid blood which flows through their veins. Because of this quite a few have become enamored with the trait that accents the Jader so, favoring the acid blood Imperials to have by their sides in battle, or for selling litters that display such to Necromancers and Alchemists who are interested in using the unusual blood in their studies, or simply to keep as a deadly guard dog by their side.

In any case, many can't deny the allure of the Imperial's blood. Just be careful not to allow it to touch bare skin is all...

Jader Breeding Rules

- At this time, Each owner may only breed each of their Jaders up to three times. This limit may be lifted and raised once there are more Jaders in circulation, but due to them being new and only a handful out there, I'm trying to limit breedings to avoid excessive breeding by one Jader.

- You are allowed to arrange breedings with other owners and their Jaders. Jaders can not be bred to others without both owner's consent. A record of breedings and how many times your Jader has bred will be kept to make sure the three limit rule is not broken.

- You are allowed to breed your Jaders together if you own both. The breeding limit will count towards each, however. So if you bred two of your Jaders each one will then only have two breedings left.

- Breeding slots will become available in the future. These slots will be limited to one per pair and will be explained more in their individual Journals. At this time I will be using adult lines to create Jader litters so that you are able to breed them as well. New lines may be used for them that are more youthful, but all Jader pups will still look adult enough so that you are able to bred or find potential mates for them as soon as you'd like.

- Slots will be given out in USD flat fees or through competitions. Be sure to keep an eye out for them soon!

- Jaders will have up to 2-6 pups tops! This will be random how many will be produced, but with each breeding either the single owner may pick one Jader pup of their choosing, or if you are breeding with someone else's Jader, then each of you will choose one pup of your choosing before the rest are placed for auctions, flat fees, raffles, contests etc.

- You are allowed to give your Jader pup of your choosing to another as a gift or hold your own contests for them. However, you are not allowed to auction them off or sell them. If you do not wish to keep the pup you may offer it back to me and I will put it up for adoption myself.

- You are not allowed to breed litter mates. Jaders can be bred together after the second generation, so third and on.

- Cooldowns for adults that bred in the last breeding slots released will have to wait two months before their Jader can breed again.

- Cooldowns for the adult's offspring of the last breeding will have to wait up to three months to breed.

- You are allowed to sponser breedings. HOWEVER, this does NOT garuntee you a pup! You will have to work that out with the breeders among yourselves since only two pups will ever be given and only one if both breeding pair belongs to you.

- These rules may be updated as I figure out breeding for these guys. If you have any questions feel free to post below~

Jader Trait & Rarity List

New Traits are sure to show up over time through releases or breedings, and when they do they will be recorded here to list for which breed they are present for and their rarity for passing the gene along to offspring. Note that 'Universal Traits' are genetic traits that can randomly appear in any Jader. Breedings with these have a higher chance of producing offspring with that trait, however.


  • Hellhound Tail (Very Rare)
  • Demon Tail (Very Rare)
  • Twin Tail (Very Rare)
  • Feather Tail (Very Rare)
  • Imperial Colored Blood (Very Rare)
  • Imperial Glowing Eyes (Very Rare)
  • Mythical Coats (Very Rare)
  • Long Coats (Very Rare)
  • Roman Nose (Rare)
  • Feral Tufts (Rare)
  • Plumed Tail (Rare)
  • Plumed Tail: Smooth (Rare)
  • Feral Coats (Rare)
  • Domestic Coats (Common)
  • Single Tails (Common)
Universal Traits
  • Cropped Ears (Common)
  • Uncropped Ears (Uncommon)
  • Uncropped & Feathered (Very Rare)
  • Uncropped & Astral (Very Rare)
  • Heterochromia (Rare)
  • Chimera (Very Rare)
  • Albino (Very Rare)
  • Melanistic (Very Rare)

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Oh, is Asher the name of the Ancient of Fertility? That's very neat to know!!
It's going to be so interesting to see the second generation Oriental and/or Imperial Jaders! I look forward to seeing the pairings.
Lovely job with the lore! I'm always a sucker for lore.