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Oriental Jader Batch #1 [Auction- CLOSED]




Hey everyone! This has been in the works for a while now and I have finally decided to sit down and start this little side project of mine here on DA. Some of you may remember our thread adopts called 'Rune Dragons' which eventually led to us building our successful adoptables site, Eldemore, that many of you still enjoy to this day. <3

However, I have always missed the intricacies, breedings/genetics, and all around fun filled enjoyment from small adoptables that focus on one species versus many within an entire fictional world. So! I have decided to bring a piece of Eldemore here to focus on the canines that inhabit the realm of Eld.

These will be a closed species that are officially recognized on the site canonically, so you can take them and feature them there on our threads as well. They will not be transferred to accounts like our past customs, but can be featured on the site within our threads or your signatures to organize breedings, trading/auctions for pets, or RP'd with your Eldsonas! Each of these will be a one of a kind design.

I wanted to bring a bit of the old days back and offer everyone another fun way to enjoy Eldemore! Not all of these will be auctions, but to start off this first batch will be to help devote time into building this up. If all goes well, and there is enough interest, more canine breeds will be added, breedings will open up, and reference charts rare genes/traits charts can be made~ 


Dire wolves are our main canine species on the site, but humans have domesticated them enough over the centuries to create dog breeds that are entirely unique on their own. What is truly intriguing about Eldemore canines, much like their human masters, is that they harbor no magic of their own unlike all the other species. Man's interference over the years has gradually affected domesticated dogs in way that many of the true born races find utterly abhorrent and somewhat disturbing. They are empty beasts to them, tampered and distorted by mankind's touch, but to humans, they are man's best friend and faithful ally.

The Oriental Jader is one such breed that hails from the Oriental Isles. Slender. Beautiful. Precise. These are the qualities that the people of the isles have meticulously bred for in their domesticated canines. A Jader has speed and grace as their greatest asset, and are almost always seen with cropped ears to convey a sense of ferocity and regal poise. Though they are far in the gene pool from their Dire Wolf ancestors, the highly coveted 'Imperial' Oriental Jaders are still bred for the rare saber fangs or two tailed traits of the Dire Wolves. They are keen watch dogs, speed demons, and messengers of the Emperor. They are the Oriental Jader, and few compare to their carefully crafted appearance that distinguishes them as such. 

Species ref chart here~


  • I will only take Paypal ($), currency USD for these. No points.
  • This is a CLOSED SPECIES so you can not make your own Oriental Jader.
  • Once you win I will note you my paypal account and will give you the full 1200x800 png for your personal use.
  • You must pay within 24 hours of winning. If payment is not received by then the adopt will go back up for auction and you will not be allowed to bid on my adopts in the future.
  • Please be sure to reply to the starting/highest bid for the Jader you wish to win.
  • You are allowed to bid on more than one Jader for this batch.
  • You may only win up to two total for this batch. This is to allow others to have a chance at bidding on a Jader.
  • Do NOT claim these as your own species.
  • Do NOT resale your Jader. You may, however, trade or swap them. (New/old owner must note me of the change in ownership if this happens for record and breeding purposes.)
  • You are allowed to trade/ swap your Jaders for other Jaders or Eldemore pets.
  • You do not have to be a part of our Eldemore site to bid or own these.
  • You are allowed to add accessories or scars to your Jader.
  • You are allowed to use these as personal OC's so long as credit is given to me for the design and species.


No bids, Jader will be archived and redesigned at a later date.


Name: Xavier (Names can be changed by the winner.)
Gender: Male
Ears: Cropped (Common)
Coat Type: Domesticated: Dalmatian (Common)
Eyes: Heterochromia Blue/Brown (Rare)
Owner: Ozri


Name: Rainer (Names can be changed by the winner.)
Gender: Male
Ears: Cropped (Common)
Coat Type: Domesticated: Isabella (Common)
Eyes: Silver (Common)
Owner: RainbowFinch


Name: Sigrun (Names can be changed by the winner.)
Gender: Female
Ears: Cropped (Common)
Coat Type: Feral: Striped Outback (Rare)
Eyes: Brown (Common)
Owner: Emergency-Buckadog


Oriental Jader Lines/Designs/Species (c) Benathorn. Please do not use, trace, or claim my work as your own.
Creatures/ Lore/ Races (c) 
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I wish I had known about this sooner, (and had money) or I would of gotten the first one seeing they're so cheap and she's kinda pretty and elegant looking, yet simple :3

literally, the past few times i ordered food i literally pad the delivery people in straight up change X'D oh the perks of being a stay at home college student.