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Imperial Jader: Grim (Jader Mascot 2)




I wanted to do some Jader lines that were more charismatic and added some movement and settled on this for a pose. I'd like to have a few lines to interchange with the others from time to time, and to help test them out I made myself yet another pretty boy, Grim!

I'm geeking out over him way too much. What's even better is that I've also decided to implement breeding to allow for same sex pairings to produce litters through the "Blessing" method by the Ancient of Fertility. Working out the rules, restrictions and details a bit more before I post up a journal in the Jader group about slots and how it will work, but I had to make myself at least one gay Jader puppy lol <33 (Note to self: Come up with accessories later)

Anyways, Grim bleeds hot pink blood, has a creepy smile and is all around crazy to all he meets as he flirts with the boys. If your interested in him let me know, I may stud him out so he can have more creepy babies. But for now, enjoy the new Jader lines and ref chart that will be used in the future~



Name: Grim
Gender: Male
Ears: Uncropped & Feathered (Very Rare)
Coat Type: Mythical: Grim Reaper (Very Rare)
Rare Traits: Feathered Tail (Very Rare)
Eyes: Hot Pink Glow (Very Rare)
Blood: Hot Pink
Owner: Benathorn
Breedings: (2/3 Reserved)

Slot 1: Runic x Grim (Completed)
Slot 2: Closed
Slot 3: Oran/Parsley x Grim?


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Oooohhh Grim looks so sexy in his new accessories! I'm pretty darn sure he didn't have those last time!