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Feral Jader: Shade [Jader Mascot 3]




I've had this guy on the back burner for a while now debating if I wanted to transfer my fursona's full design, Niles, on to him or not. Instead I opted to take traits and colors I liked from Niles to make a new design that was still similar but unique on its own, and... voila! Shade was born~

I added a few more things to the Jader charts to help distinguish paw print colors as well. Hopefully that will help you guys in the future with your own Jaders, but in the meantime, I'm going to snuggle this handsome boy that I adore so. Keep an eye out for more Jaders this month with Christmas themes as well as a December raffle! <3



Name: Shade
Gender: Male
Ears: Cropped (Common)
Coat Type: Feral: Tribal Piebald (Rare)
Tail: Standard (Common)
Eyes: Orange/Teal Heterochroma (Mutation) 
Blood: Normal 
Owner: Benathorn

1: Completed
2: For Zeve's Graucoro
3: For Mav


Oriental Jader Lines/Designs/Species (c) Benathorn. Please do not use, trace, or claim my work as your own.
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I have a question, do you just like open up slots for them when you get an intersesting request or like do you go asking on occasion? :3 for the mascots i mean? I was always curious is all X3

edit: I just came back here trying to rmemeber if some recent litters were his or not >w<