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Feral Jader: Rorschach [Jader Mascot 4]




Another mascot and personal Jader, Rorschach was from one of the more recent breedings with my boy Grim and I couldn't help but add him to my growing pack. He's a much more artsy and prim fellow, versus that of his punk rock father, but just as flamboyant and outgoing in his own way. I always enjoy breeding my Jaders with others and offering them as mascots for the species as a whole, and Rorschach seemed like a nice addition to all that. He will be much loved with the others~ 



Name: Rorschach
Gender: Male
Ears: Cropped (Common)
Coat Type: Feral: Wild African Dog Mix (Rare)
Special Traits: N/A
Eyes: Light Yellow/Brown (Common)
Imperial Blood: Normal
Owner: Benathorn
Parents: Grim x Runic

Personality Traits:
 Artsy, Deceptive, Enigmatic, Aloof, Callous, Crafty, Demanding, Devious, Obsessive, Creative, Cultured, Curious, Meticulous, Romantic and Sociable.
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Significant Other: None.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual/ Polyamorous
Breedings: (1/3 Breedings Reserved)

1: Reserved for Anubis
2: Reserved for Zephyr
3: Closed


Oriental Jader Lines/Designs/Species (c) Benathorn. Please do not use, trace, or claim my work as your own.
Creatures/ Lore/ Races (c) 
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How exciting to hear that Rorschach and Anubis will have a litter at some point!