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Olivia Munn - Psylocke

Hello again!

Have lots of fun making these!

I chose Olivia Munn (Actress - Newsroom) as Psylocke - She looks like she can kick arse, has comic timing and is sexy as hell :)

For reference I used Kristafer Anka's Costume design and a series of shots of Olivia although I feel I haven't got her likeness completely.
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wow, your prediction for olivia munn as psylocke was right!!!
personally i like her a lot for this role; not only does she look like psylocke, but she also captures both sides to psylocke's history well (british body and japanese body.... since olivia munn is half asian half caucasian)
have you seen the x-men apocalypse trailer yet? she's wearing a costume that looks very similar to her uncanny x-force vol. 1 costume; i'm surprised that fox for once decided to give one of their x-men characters a costume that is so similar to the one(s) used in comics
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This is currently film cannon, and that's awesome.
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Olivia Munn playing Psylocke sounds like a good... O-Munn. See what I did there?
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Good choice .... A must
That purple blade on her right forearm looks like an omni-blade from Mass Effect...
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I think it'll be a dream come true for her to play psylocke
Awfully short to play Psylocke - doesn't Marvel place her at 5'11?
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they also place wolverine at 5'3", but hugh jackman is 6'2". almost an entire foot taller than what his character is supposed to be
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now all we need is to find someone to actually ACT psylocke
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Boom! Now will I use my new powers for good or evil?
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Are you kiddding me!? that's awesome! O_O
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Great drawing, but as a man that is absolutely obsessed with Betsy since he was a little kid, I do believe that you need an English Rose to play her.
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I can so see her being Psylocke! amazing art!
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I know right! Thanks very much!
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i absolutely love this one! i prefer this style of costume for her. nice work! :nod:
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your welcome...Heart Hug 
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your work here inspired me to make a X-force poster featuring Olivia Munn as Psylocke… :D
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Nice, like it! good job
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Could you maybe drop a comment? It'd be very appreciated and I'll return the favor :D
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