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Disney Princess Fanart

Finished a piece I had started earlier in the year.
The challenge was to try and maintain their original color schemes with the new outfits.
Tools: Manga Studio 5.
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Just a thought, since Snow White is the youngest and still a kid, I thought something like overalls would be very cute. Somehow, what she's wearing seems a little grown up for a 14 year old.

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this is honestly one of the best "Disney princesses in modern clothing" pictures i've seen on the site.
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They look great, just look like they're heading out for a day as opposed to hanging out at the castle.

I really like them. *giggle*
I love your style and theire clothes. There are not to overdressed but they fit each princessin really well. Are you going to design something for the others like Elsa and Rapunzel as well? I really would like to see them :D
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Love the outfits, and yay they're all a normal size!!
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I love your unique style and modern fashion twist on the Disney princesses. You got all my favs!!!:happybounce: 
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Disney princesses with realistic body proportions
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Oh my goodness, I don't even remember adding this to my faves. but I just happened upon it again and I love it!  I'm so happy!X3 Emote :eeeee: 
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Hehe, thanks :)
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Dang, so curvaceous 😉
Ben-Keen's avatar
Thanks, Panda!
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No prob, Ben!😆
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Such a cute style, with both the fashion and drawing!
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Thanks, Daisy!
daisy-J's avatar
My pleasure! :floating:
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Love this. I always like to see the Disney princess characters done in new ways. Great job on this. 
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I really like the body shapes, poses, outfits... everything! One of my favourite Disney Princess Fanarts.
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I love how individual all the girls look! Aurora looks like a biker girl which pleases me in all sorts of ways. Snow White's jeans are the best!
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Glad you like them :)
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They're all so gorgeous! :D
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Really fun lineup! I love how the poses and your lines flow. These are all so fun - I think my favourites here are Ariel, Pocahantas and Jasmine! Great picture. :)
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