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Thought id upload a small selection of brushes I regularly use. I have complimented some of my own creations with brushes available from a few pro's such as Jamie Jones and Maciej Kuciara.

They are mainly "traditional" style brushes, I havent included any fancy FX or blenders, maybe I can sort out a separate set for these if anyone is interested.

Let me know if you find them useful!

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Thank u Mr. Andrews ^^ i'm very new to the digital media so I need to practice a lot.
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It is wonderful! Thank you very much, mister Andrews! :)
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thanks a lot!!!
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Thanks, they are great ;-)
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They are looking so nice =)

Thanks for the upload, i guess i'll have tons of fun with them !
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Thank you very much!!!
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Awesome, I'll have to try these sometime. thanks for sharing! :heart:
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Hey, man! Thanks a lot for this. :)
I'm enjoying a lot following your great work.
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thanks , nice set.
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Really thanks for sharing! Some fresh brushes might be always useful. ;)
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Thanks you, very beautiful.
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Very useful indeed, used one of them in my latest submission.
Can't wait to learn more about these, love the traditional feel.
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Glad you like them!
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Thanks, cool stuff
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No worries, cheers
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thank alot ^3^
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如何致しまして [どういたしまして]
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