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Ben 10 Redesigns (commission) by leonardovincent
Ben 10 Chromastone Redesign by leonardovincent
Rath (Ben 10) by VicTycoon
Easy by SilverLady7
Omniverse parody and critics
Billy Billions by nigel5469

Mature Content

Request: Beach Day by TerrorKing10
Kai Green by nigel5469
Nyancy-chan's REAL form by Skull-gum
Original Series
Ben 10: XLR8 Conceptual by THs-Industries
Grey Matter by THs-Industries
Diamondhead Redesign Concept by THs-Industries
Alien bros hanging out by Fairloke
Alien Force
Parental Coding Installed by Skull-gum
Ben 10 - Ben and Julie by Mai-Keel
Kevin Levin by flyme14-avenged
Big Chill (Ben 10) by VicTycoon
Ultimate Alien
Elena Validus/Nanite-V by nigel5469
Albedo by nigel5469
Astrodactyl: Ultimate Alien Style by TerrorKing10
Humungosaurio Heroes Unidos Render by BillyZar
Custom and artisan craft
Ben 10 - Kevin Levin Plushie by Rainbow--Spark
Charmcaster's purse by SilverLady7
XLR8 Knitted Plush by Rizathepenguin
Ben 10 amigurumi by GehadMekki
BenXKorra by TerrorKing10
they look like? by Cuine
Xlr8 (Redrawn) by robotman25
Diamondhead (Redrawn) by robotman25
Fanfiction and other text submissions
Screencaps and comic pages
Gwen is a Princess by SilverLady7
Kevin and the books by SilverLady7
Kevin Levin 018 by SuperVilgax2145
'Buh... GOK!' by Skull-gum
Alternate designs not from the contest
Kevin Levin in Ben 10 Omniforce by NeoduelGX
Forever knights-cyborg by Kamran10000
Wood Swampfire by Kamran10000
Ben 25 by MiriMaxwell
Rhomboid Vreedle Preview by JamesRolfeII
Original Characters
Hector Levin by nigel5469
Fanart related to fanfics
Kevin Levin:Vampire/Cover For The Fallen Story by LovinSpoonfuls
Animated GIFs
Kevin E. Levin Stamp by eddyray26
Redesign Contest 2012 CLOSED
Alate by crystalmoon101
Not Sure Where to Put This
Spinebreaker by poptropica123123
Alternate Universe
Kevin Levin/Kevin 11 by nigel5469
Matured Content

Mature Content

Gwevin Lake by SilverLady7
Gender Bender
Jen 10 - Ben 10 Gender Bender by TheMightFenek
Gwen Tennyson by Ruthzinha

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"This is a club for everyone who dislikes the changes happening in Ben 10 Omniverse. But that doesn't mean you have to hate it. We´re just not happy about it and here we feel free to make whatever critics we want. Still, we try to have some fun, too, so this is a pleasant place.


_ Please post your arts directly at the respective folders not the featured folder and also don't try submitted an arts that doesn't belong to you or we will declined it. If you want to submitted mature Ben 10 Fanarts on this group, please enable your matured content or else we declined it. Featured folder is for people whose arts is the best quality. For some reason the admins no always have time to organize the arts in the right folders.

_ Ben 10 OS to UA means Ben 10 from Original series to Ultimate Alien. So fan arts from the original series (when Ben and Gwen were kids and Kevin a villain), Alien Force and Ultimate Alien can be posted. Romantic fan art, action scenes, screencaps, etc. We accept Original characters and crossovers, too.

_ However, we won´t accept any fan arts or fanfiction related to Ben 10 Omniverse, unless it´s a parody or critic about the new series. The same way you don't post any Bevin fan art in a Gwevin club, or DC heroes in a Marvel group.

_ Yaoi stuff, including Bevin, will be accepted, as long as it is PG-13. Same for hetero couples.

_ We have a file for fanfics and non-fictional texts. Basically, the same rules go for the visual stuff, with an extra. We don´t accept texts with three, four phrases, or things of the type: "Kevin loved Gwen so much that he couldn't think of anything but her Gwen did the same for him and they lived happily ever after." Come on. It worths to take your time and make a good work.




Backbeat by Back-beat Backbeat :iconback-beat:Back-beat 11 2 Uneasy Gwen by lukio5000 Uneasy Gwen :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 5 0 Gwen by JorgeFranco Gwen :iconjorgefranco:JorgeFranco 790 39 Gwen kisses young Ben by lukio5000 Gwen kisses young Ben :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 15 5 Terrified Gwen Tennyson by lukio5000 Terrified Gwen Tennyson :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 6 9 Gwen Tennyson and Eunice by lukio5000 Gwen Tennyson and Eunice :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 7 8 Gwen's mana attack by lukio5000 Gwen's mana attack :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 7 3 Unhappy Kevin by lukio5000 Unhappy Kevin :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 3 3 plumber Gwen 2 by lukio5000 plumber Gwen 2 :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 9 0 Tennis by Dragonsmasher Tennis :icondragonsmasher:Dragonsmasher 80 20 Kevin and Gwen by lukio5000 Kevin and Gwen :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 8 2 Gwen and Kevin by lukio5000 Gwen and Kevin :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 7 5 Gwevin kiss by lukio5000 Gwevin kiss :iconlukio5000:lukio5000 9 0 Ben 10 2 by madeinbrasil Ben 10 2 :iconmadeinbrasil:madeinbrasil 25 4 They call me a freak... by sendatsu They call me a freak... :iconsendatsu:sendatsu 121 27 Ben 10 vs Generator Rex by Reinrassic-the-5th Ben 10 vs Generator Rex :iconreinrassic-the-5th:Reinrassic-the-5th 24 2
Hello everyone. Since a lot isn’t going on in the Ben 10 franchise right now, the group page co-founders have approved of my friendly contest. The contest, for those who want to participate in it, is to see who can come up with the best ultimate alien form idea. The best picture will be awarded the title “Best Original Ultimate Alien”

The rules for the contest are as follow

• It has to be an alien that hasn't had it ultimate form shown (this doesn’t apply to the aliens that only had there ultimate forms shown in Omniverse)

• The picture must include a description of the ultimate form, including the alien’s abilities and possible weakness(es).

• It has to be in an art style similar to the art style of AF/UA. If its to hard to draw in this style that fine but its forbidden to make it in the art style from Ben 10 Omniverse.

• You can't submit a picture that has already been posted on deviantart, or made by another artist.

You must submit the picture you want to enter in the contest before March 17th

Good luck and if you have any questions for me, send me a note.
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SilverLady7 Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Professional General Artist
Okay, I know that I haven't come here in ages, but I'm still the founder of this group. Why this art I recommended was declined?

Gwevin Sleeping Sketch by CicisArtandStuff
DuskyLore Featured By Owner Edited Oct 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyo. I'd like to submit to the 'Original Series' folder but the only one I'm allowed to send it to is 'Redesign Contest 2012'.

This is what I'd like to submit, by the way.
Gwen! by DuskyLore
MrRyder Featured By Owner Edited Mar 14, 2017
Was the Nemetrix a dumb idea, or was it one of the few good ones about Omniverse? Same goes for the character associated with it, Khyber.
Fusion-Bioformer Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Interface Designer
How is that different from Albedo?
MrRyder Featured By Owner Edited Mar 18, 2017
I'm sorry I don't think I follow.
Fusion-Bioformer Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Interface Designer
Albedo. You know, that Red doppelganger of Ben's from UAF?
(1 Reply)
FyRose Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG bless this group for existing!!!
May I join?! I loved the Ben 10 OS to UA and I hate Omniverse!

Oh where do i start here? OoO
Fusion-Bioformer Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Student Interface Designer
Just ask to join...and keep the negativity to a minimum ^^
FyRose Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I joined. :)
iamre Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
guys please check out my petition to CN, thanks!…
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